Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Yikes, Two more weeks of Summer...

It seems I've done it again!

I didn't post the last two weeks (6 crafts) of summer!!

Now that school is starting back in a week, I hope to stay on top of things!! :)

The next 6 projects are the ones we finished up the month of July with.

We had a pond theme and we had an ocean theme to finish up.

For the pond we made:

A frog with a blow out tongue. Just a simple paper plate frog with a party blower for the mouth. We used the quiet blowers to keep our parents (and our) sanity! :)

A turtle with a very colorful shell. Paper plates and paint dabbers (like the bingo ones) I love it when a craft has true personality!!

Lastly, we made ducks that swim right side up and upside down! Found the duck pattern using bing and searched for duck coloring pages. We painted according to the poem.

For the ocean theme we made the Balloon Octopus (You may have seen this on different blog date. This is done using a permanent marker, purple balloons, and a paper plate. (Sometimes, it isn't easy cutting eight legs from a plate and before inserting the balloon, it looks like a flower!)

We made a hand print fish, you will have to excuse this picture, for I forgot to take a picture of the craft before sending it home, and a parent sent a picture of their fish when she got home. Needless to say, my precious little munchkin, decided to remove it's eye!! :) And a little tiny bit crumpled! :) She colored some, and wanted a little help with some. She is one of my younger students in the class.

For the last craft of Summer, we made Jelly Fish from a plate and streamers. This day we had 16 kiddos to show up for the last day, so we definitely had to keep it simple!! :)

I am so ready to begin our Fall Crafts and start our classes. With us being out of school I've had my hand in another original creation. (Or I should say, I've never seen one, so if it's out there, I HONESTLY, didn't know about it.) I will share that with you this weekend!!

Many Blessings to each of you!! I Pray your new school year is successful!!
Sherry :)

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