Sunday, July 9, 2017

Fourth of July

We celebrated at school a little early.. I'm (as usual) posting a little late!! What else is new. We were off a week of school and I am sooooo ready to get back! In all honesty, I'm actually ready for the Fall!!

For the fourth, we made a few things.

Stars and Stripes Collages. We gave the kiddos some stars, some stripes, and put glue on the back and where they stuck it, stayed! Was a lot of fun to watch them create their masterpieces!!

Handprint flags.. and a wild and funky picture with a poem on some patriotic paper. Made for an amazing keepsake for parents!! :)

Painted patriotic hats were a huge success to wear to the annual fourth of July Parade put on by the older kiddos!! :)

When we go back to school on Tuesday, we will make Nursery Rhyme Crafts :)

Many Blessings, Hope you all had a safe and happy fourth!
Sherry :)

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