Saturday, June 24, 2017

Father's Day

Our second week of Summer Fun, we honored Daddy!! We squeezed so many little projects in for Father's Day, we had to work on some, secretly, the week before!! :)

I found these awesome frames at the Dollar Tree. We dressed each child in a hat and tie and placed their picture in a frame for Dad. We had them color a nice blue ribbon for Daddy and placed it in a craft stick frame. We wrapped each picture frame in tissue paper and labeled it with their blue ribbon. We started on "Daddy Pictures" the very first day of our Summer Classes. Children come different days and I wanted to make sure I had all pictures taken and didn't want to have to rush around getting them finished.

Close up of poem.. Hope you can read it!! :)

Footprints with poem we used. 

Peanuts purchased at the Dollar Tree (5 packs for $1.00) I cut an envelope, had the children color a peanut, put the peanuts inside the envelope and add the words!!

Bingo dabbed a worm on a fish hook. The children colored their own fish. 

Some of our kiddos were too young to answer the questions. Not everyone got a filled out questionnaire.  

This is what the little stack looked like when they took it home. We did a tie polka dotted with bingo dabbers, but, apparently, I forgot to take a picture of it. The top read: You're a tie-rrific Dad!

I hope all Dad's out there had a fabulous Father's Day! I know I sure miss my Daddy!! He gained his Angel Wings in 2001. 

God Bless!
Sherry :)

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