Sunday, June 25, 2017

Ducks, Turtles, and Frogs!

Last week for Summer Fun, we made Ducks... I found a poem about a blue duck and a black duck that reads:

Now I forgot to take a picture of our craft. I found two duck pictures that were similar and tped up this poem. We had the children color both ducks, one blue, one black with the poem underneath the ducks.

For our Turtle Craft, we made Tiny Tim:

The children painted the turtle; I cut out a bathtub, and we sang this song! 

They enjoy motions with the song.. They pretend swim, pretend to eat soap, and pretend to drink water.. We all look very sad when Tiny Tim is sick.. but, get very happy when we clap pop that bubble!! :) 

The biggest hit is our frog. I cut out a frog face shape from a paper plate. The kiddos painted the frog with sparkly green paint. When they watched me put a party blower in for the mouth, they got VERY excited pretty quick!!  

Make sure to get extra blowers, for siblings tend to fight over this one!! :) 

Next week will be our July 4th Week. We will be out of school next week, so we will celebrate just a tad early!! :)

Many Blessings,
Sherry :)

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Father's Day

Our second week of Summer Fun, we honored Daddy!! We squeezed so many little projects in for Father's Day, we had to work on some, secretly, the week before!! :)

I found these awesome frames at the Dollar Tree. We dressed each child in a hat and tie and placed their picture in a frame for Dad. We had them color a nice blue ribbon for Daddy and placed it in a craft stick frame. We wrapped each picture frame in tissue paper and labeled it with their blue ribbon. We started on "Daddy Pictures" the very first day of our Summer Classes. Children come different days and I wanted to make sure I had all pictures taken and didn't want to have to rush around getting them finished.

Close up of poem.. Hope you can read it!! :)

Footprints with poem we used. 

Peanuts purchased at the Dollar Tree (5 packs for $1.00) I cut an envelope, had the children color a peanut, put the peanuts inside the envelope and add the words!!

Bingo dabbed a worm on a fish hook. The children colored their own fish. 

Some of our kiddos were too young to answer the questions. Not everyone got a filled out questionnaire.  

This is what the little stack looked like when they took it home. We did a tie polka dotted with bingo dabbers, but, apparently, I forgot to take a picture of it. The top read: You're a tie-rrific Dad!

I hope all Dad's out there had a fabulous Father's Day! I know I sure miss my Daddy!! He gained his Angel Wings in 2001. 

God Bless!
Sherry :)

New Felt Board Pieces

Before our Summer Classes began, I did find some time to create more felt board stories. :) I am quite proud of them...

For this I did decided with the help of a facebook poll.. to not use the colored "egg white" and to keep all my eggs matching. :)

I already have a nice bathtub with another felt board set, so I created Tiny Tim and soap! This is used with the song: I have a little turtle, his name is Tiny Tim. I put him in the bath tub to see if he could swim.. He drank up all the water and ate up all the soap,. And now he's home with bubbles in his throat! Bubble Bubble Pop!!  (This can be found on internet along with other variations, we just like this one.)

The famous hotdogs in the pan story..

This is Sammy the Seal.. From the original one I saw, I added the gray ball.. Along with that ball... I added this verse from the original story that I found on the internet. 

Here's the story I found: 

Sammy the Seal Counts to 11
By Kathryn Roach (Tweaked by Sherry Clarke)

Sammy the seal is oh so smart!
He can count these color balls.  Ready, steady….start!

The 1st ball is yellow; Sammy, keep going don’t stop.
Purple is the second ball to sit on top!

Sammy can balance a ball on these 2.
Here’s ball number 3. It’s bright blue!

The green ball has a number 4.
Keep counting Sammy, balance some more!

The number 5 ball is orange. Now don’t look down!
Sammy, can balance ball number 6. It is brown.

Pink is number 7 and then comes 8.
It is black…Sammy, you’re doing great!

The red ball has the number 9.
The white ball is 10! Wow that’s just fine!

Number 11 is the ball of gray.
Wow, Sammy, just what do we say?

Now Sammy has counted all the color balls.
He has them balanced and they won’t fall!

Sammy the seal is ready to rest.
Hooray, for Sammy! He’s the best!

I am going to use these with some Spanish Feeling Songs. The tune will be to: "If You're Happy and You Know It" For example.. for the happy crying one it will say...

If you're triste and you know it, you are sad.  (Pretend to cry)
If you're triste and you know it, you are sad.
If you're triste and you know it, then your face will surely show it.
If you're triste and you know it, you are sad.

For the happy face one:

If you;re contento and you know it, you are happy!  (Hooooo-ray!)
If you're contento and you know it, you are happy!
If you're contento and you know it, then your face will surely show it.
If you're contento and you know it, you are happy!

Working through all of the emotions!! Of course, they can be used in English too! Just want to teach my little ones something with a visual.

Many Blessings to each of you!!
Sherry :)

Oh My Goodness ~ Time Flies

I must say, it's been forever and a day since I've signed in to create a blog.

It's taken me a bit to wrap my brain around events that have taken place since my last post.

My mom passed away March 12, 2017.  While being her caregiver, it was hard to manage school, home, and everything in between. I hope to get back in a routine and not fall back with continuing my blog which really means a lot to me!

My goal for the summer is to learn to actually share my original patterns with you all, I'm trying to work on that!!

I'm just not going to try and do a 6 month catch up on all of our items. Some were repeats and some were new... However, I will catch up for our Summer!! Our Summer Classes are only 3 days a week - Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Summer began June 6th and we are about to enter our fourth week of three days.

Our Summer Theme is Bees!

We started with brand new bumblebee crafts. We then moved on to Father's Day, then to the pond, and next week, we will begin our July 4th activities. We will then be out of school until July 11th!!

I will first share our Bumble Bee Items...

Before Summer Classes started, I decided to make a visual fingerplay. I bought a pair of blue rubber gardening gloves from the Dollar Tree. I found some really happy bumblebee buttons at Hobby Lobby. Knowing that my sewing skills aren't the best, by the least, I decided to attempt this project afterall. We have used it almost daily (that we're in school) and the children absolutely LOVE it!!

This has definitely been a success in our classroom!! (I only stuck myself with the needle once and drew blood.. and to boot, I stuck myself with the eye part of the needle not the point!! I think only I could manage that one! I did lose my needle on the last bee, still haven't found it!!)

Now, for an original bumblebee craft: I'm a Bee-liever in Jesus Headband!

We used a sentence strip for the headband. Inside the heart, we place a fingerprint bumblebee. I use Microsoft Works to create my projects. Yes, I know I am way behind times!! Hopefully I can update my knowledge and work on newer stuff. I am definitely a creature of habit and I have gotten quite accustomed to googling a search for clipart and downloading what I need then moving from there! :)

Next: The bumble bee itself isn't original and the hive was found online. The craft itself we did create. I'm beee-ing good at school. I used a bumblebee font to print up the words. The kiddos sponge painted the beehive. They bingo dabbed the bee with yellow and black. The wings were sponge painted light blue.

The children thoroughly enjoyed creating this project. 

Our final bumblebee craft is s hand print craft. I typed up the words in another bumblebee font. We stamped the kiddo's hands for the wings and they sponge painted the bee, yellow. Didn't even dawn of me to create stripes! :) 

This concludes the bumblebee crafts for the week. I will share with you the hive I made for the hallway. 

I used a yellow poster board from the Dollar Tree, drew, then painted and cut out the hive. The bees were purchased at a school supply store in Columbia, South Carolina. Some say, I can get carried away with our themes.. I had my nails painted black, yellow, and black and yellow striped!!! Some of my precious little girls said they wanted bumblebee nails too!! :) 

Happy Buzzing!!! :)
Sherry :)