Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Camping and Thanksgiving

Oh Wow! What's going on with me?? I thought I was doing wonderful with my blogs to find out.. I am sooooo behind.

For this, I do apologize.  I'm ashamed to say, I may not get completely caught up this time. :( All I can do is try!

After our fall themed week, I believe we had a camping theme for the following week. School pictures were taken the first of the week, so we refrained from doing crafts. For three days, we carried on with the camping theme. After the camping theme, we moved on to Thanksgiving. I will try and do both the camping theme and Thanksgiving all in this post. Campfires, Tents, and Sleeping Bags!!

Thanksgiving lasted a week and three days... It looks as if I may have even missed a few Thanksgiving Pictures. :(

For the record, I believe this is MOST of the crafts we did. I know we did an Indian Corn picture, I did forget to take a picture of that one.

Now, that is't the New Year, I really hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.. 

The next few weeks were all Christmas!! I will post those pictures in the next post. I may get to catch up after all.

Many Blessings,
Sherry :)

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