Wednesday, November 9, 2016


With Halloween being on a Monday, we decided to switch right over to the Fall Season just after the 31st! We jumped in with our Fall Theme....

Sometimes, with Halloween being on Monday, it makes for a long week! This week, we kept things very simple!! We enjoyed some nice weather, while coming off loads of sugar!!

Here is the Stuff We Do!! :) 

Be wonderfully Blessed, We sure are!! Hopefully we will see you in a few days with our Camping Theme!! :) See ya then! By the way, the acorn poem with the edible acorns is an original poem, I wrote while driving to school!!

With many Blessings,
Sherry :) 

Fall Holiday Fun!! (Halloween)

We had a lot of fun with our Halloween crafts this year. We decided to extend this theme for two weeks. We ended the theme with Trick or Treating, a pizza party then on Monday, with oreo spiders!!! :)

Shine with the Light of Jesus

Hand print Jack O'Lanterns

Candy Corn

Silly Frank Men!!

We Love our Mummy!!

Trick or Treat Feet with a candy surprise!

We carved a pumpkin in our classroom!
We also made candy popcorn hands!! (Yummy!!) 

This is what we took with us when we went from door to door to the classrooms in our hallway.
We paraded in our costumes then used our Manners to trick or treat in the hallway! 

We made oreo spiders to conclude our Fall Fun Holiday Craft Items!!

Love and Blessings,
Sherry :) 

Manners Theme

As you can tell, History repeats itself! There are some themes you just have to do each year. Manners is one of these themes!!

We have to learn our Manners before we can trick or treat!

The pumpkins in the pumpkin patch has an original poem by none other than myself. :)

May you be wonderfully Blessed,
Sherry :)

Fire Safty

Oh my! I just realized I've not posted in quite some time!!

Now, we're in the second week of November, and I didn't post anything from October!
The apple items were posted in October, but, they were done the last week of September!
Goodness Gracious, It's hard for me to wrap my head around all that, how can I expect you to??

The first week of October, we decided to go with the Fire Safety Theme.

Here's what we did!!!

The first thing we did was a shapes fire truck. The second thing we did was cut out a shirt pattern from construction paper. We had the kids dip yarn into the paint. We then folded the shirt paper in half and had the children press down on it. This created the fire on our shirts. 
The third thing we did was take pictures of all the kiddos so everyone could make a fire dog picture frame. The spots were none other than finger and thumb prints. It takes a few days to get pictures, have them developed and back to school for everyone to take one home!! :) 
The last thing for fire safety, we had the kiddos scrunch up streamer paper in little balls and glue them
them to the 911 coloring sheet. 

Many Blessings,
Sherry :)