Monday, October 3, 2016


We had an apple theme...

We made the famous Johnny Appleseed Headbands and colored the Johnny Appleseed Prayer.
(I forgot to take pictures of the headband and Prayer) Actually, I remember taking the picture, but, it must have been one the camera messed up on, because I can't find it anywhere. I only have the headbands the children are wearing.

We also made pictures of the inside of an apple, we allowed the children to pick their favorite apples, red, green, or yellow.. I wrote an original poem for each color. (I actually wrote the original green apple poem, and changed the color lines for red and yellow) So you will see repeated lines in the poems.

To make "inside the apples" you cut an apple shape from poster board or card stock. We have the kiddos bingo dab the apple colors of choice around the edge of the apple. They color or bingo dab the leaf and stem. Finger or Thumbprints are used to create the seeds. The rest is left white for the inside of the apple.

Each child made a magnetic apple to hold artwork on the refrigerator for the months of school to come. Please be careful when using magnets, (we used the button type magnets) It is dangerous for children if they swallow a magnet. Should you decide to make these, please make sure to keep them out of harms way. I didn't take a picture of the back of the apple, but, we hot glued a wooden clip type clothespin and hot glued two button magnets to the clothespin.

The sticker eyes for the word ~ LOOK ~ certainly gave these little apples loads of personality!!!

We made fingerprint apple trees. (This was NOT one of my original poems or idea)

We also made mini apple pies to try out. I used one can of crescent rolls. (but if you decide to make this you will need 2 cans of crescents, we had lots of apple left over) I bought a can of Apple Pie Filling (Great Value Brand - Found at Walmart) I cut the pieces into bite sizes. We had the children sprinkle cinnamon onto the apples and then stirred it to mix well. I melted about a half stick butter in a glass measuring cup. The children loved it when we bopped the crescent cardboard roll on the table and it popped open. I unrolled the crescents and spooned a little melted butter onto the raw crescent, then we spooned some apples onto the crescent and rolled it from the biggest end to the smallest. I mixed a little sugar and cinnamon together and had the children roll the crescents into the cinnamon sugar. We baked them in a toaster oven which we have in our room on 375 for about 20 - 25 minutes. Most of the children LOVED them. Some of them, didn't want to try them because when the cinnamon and sugar melted it looked a little burnt (but wasn't) They judged by the looks not the taste! We did this on wax paper and baked them on top of wax paper in the oven. I do recommend if you try this, to please spray your waxed paper or pan before baking, they did stick a bit. The picture didn't really do the taste any justice. It was really good!!!

This concluded our apple week!! We had a lot of fun and the kids really enjoyed it!!

May you have a wonderfully Blessed Week!!
Sherry :)

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