Saturday, September 17, 2016

Our Second Week of School for 2016-17

School has finally started!! Back in full swing!

We had school Tuesday - Friday of last week, we worked on the All About Me Books, and
did a lot of playing and just getting to know each other stuff.

This week, we had a Turtle Theme!
Next week will be pets!

All week long we had a turtle craft. There aren't many turtle crafts out there..
Some I adapted from an original idea, some I made up, and some were just from the internet.

Here's the Stuff We Do in our classroom, I hope you can find  use of it and do it too!!! :)

We sing this song about Tiny Tim, so we decided to put it on paper!! :) The pattern was on

I love these half paper plate turtles, the sticker eyes definitely added some personality!! We cut the paper plate in half then added some free  hand cut outs to the plate. We used sparkly finger paint.

It was starting to get hard to find turtle crafts, so this one is an original by me. I wrote the poem and came up with the idea to use a circle sponge brush for the head and body. The legs are fingerprints and the tail was just drawn on. The kiddos loved doing this, but, it was very time consuming to do five turtles for each child. (Especially on a Music Day) We didn't quite finish this one and some kiddos had to take theirs home the following day. What took the longest was painting on white paper then cutting each one out to glue onto the blue paper. Next time, we may just paint on the paper without cutting them out. We just drew a smile face  on each person's turtle. 

This craft was found on Pinterest. It was a handprint with a drawn on shell. I found a pattern on the internet of a turtle and I thought it had the perfect shell to use for this craft. I printed it out, shrunk it on the copy machine and did manage to get the perfect size shell for our kiddo's handprints. I knew it needed a saying, so went back to the internet. I found a little poem that was titled "Tommy Turtle" I started thinking, (sometimes that's a little dangerous) and thought, well, now, if Tommy could be a turtle, then why couldn't all the kiddos in the class be turtles too. (I honestly do not mean any disrespect to the author of Tommy Turtle) I only figured since we were using handprints to begin with, then we may as take it a little step further and personalize the poem as well. The kiddos loved being turtles during circle time and hearing their names in the poem. I think it turned out cute!!

This cute little turtle was painted and colored. My only regret with this one, is noticing in the picture AFTER the turtles went home that there is a typo in the poem!! How embarrassing! I wouldn't want my parents to think their teacher didn't know any better!! That's what you get when you copy and paste, and only changed the font a little. But, the line that says, "When it spies AND enemy" Oh my, it should say, "When it spies an enemy!" Kinda nothing can be done now, it's already said and done, but, grant you, it will be fixed for next year!!! :) This pattern was also found on 

Turtle Week was just TURTLEY AWESOME!! 

Many Blessings, and until next time...
Sherry :)

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