Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Pet Week...

Ooops, I am almost a week late, okay... by only a few days..

Last week, we talked about Pets. Some people (like Mrs. Melissa) has pet snakes, but, pet snakes do NOT live outside, and we never ever ever touch an outside snake!!

Our first day, we talked about pet birds and how they live in a cage. This little cage is made from wallpaper and houses a footprint bird!

The second day, we made a pet goldfish. Each child was asked what they would name their goldfish
if they had one. (You have to ask kiddos one at time and in secret or you may end up with 13 names the same.

The third day, we talked about bunnies. They are cute, cuddly, and have little fuzzy tails!!  This is an original poem written by me.

The fourth day, we talked about puppy dogs!!

The last day of the week, we made handprint cats! Paw paper was found on

Wishing each of you a very happy week!!
Love and Blessings,

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Our Second Week of School for 2016-17

School has finally started!! Back in full swing!

We had school Tuesday - Friday of last week, we worked on the All About Me Books, and
did a lot of playing and just getting to know each other stuff.

This week, we had a Turtle Theme!
Next week will be pets!

All week long we had a turtle craft. There aren't many turtle crafts out there..
Some I adapted from an original idea, some I made up, and some were just from the internet.

Here's the Stuff We Do in our classroom, I hope you can find  use of it and do it too!!! :)

We sing this song about Tiny Tim, so we decided to put it on paper!! :) The pattern was on

I love these half paper plate turtles, the sticker eyes definitely added some personality!! We cut the paper plate in half then added some free  hand cut outs to the plate. We used sparkly finger paint.

It was starting to get hard to find turtle crafts, so this one is an original by me. I wrote the poem and came up with the idea to use a circle sponge brush for the head and body. The legs are fingerprints and the tail was just drawn on. The kiddos loved doing this, but, it was very time consuming to do five turtles for each child. (Especially on a Music Day) We didn't quite finish this one and some kiddos had to take theirs home the following day. What took the longest was painting on white paper then cutting each one out to glue onto the blue paper. Next time, we may just paint on the paper without cutting them out. We just drew a smile face  on each person's turtle. 

This craft was found on Pinterest. It was a handprint with a drawn on shell. I found a pattern on the internet of a turtle and I thought it had the perfect shell to use for this craft. I printed it out, shrunk it on the copy machine and did manage to get the perfect size shell for our kiddo's handprints. I knew it needed a saying, so went back to the internet. I found a little poem that was titled "Tommy Turtle" I started thinking, (sometimes that's a little dangerous) and thought, well, now, if Tommy could be a turtle, then why couldn't all the kiddos in the class be turtles too. (I honestly do not mean any disrespect to the author of Tommy Turtle) I only figured since we were using handprints to begin with, then we may as take it a little step further and personalize the poem as well. The kiddos loved being turtles during circle time and hearing their names in the poem. I think it turned out cute!!

This cute little turtle was painted and colored. My only regret with this one, is noticing in the picture AFTER the turtles went home that there is a typo in the poem!! How embarrassing! I wouldn't want my parents to think their teacher didn't know any better!! That's what you get when you copy and paste, and only changed the font a little. But, the line that says, "When it spies AND enemy" Oh my, it should say, "When it spies an enemy!" Kinda nothing can be done now, it's already said and done, but, grant you, it will be fixed for next year!!! :) This pattern was also found on 

Turtle Week was just TURTLEY AWESOME!! 

Many Blessings, and until next time...
Sherry :)

Friday, September 2, 2016

Turtley Awesome Older Twos

Our school doesn't start back until Tuesday, after Labor Day.

Melissa and I decided, since she brought in her pet turtles to live in our classroom, that we would have a turtle themed room this year. Let me tell you, it isn't an easy fall theme! Turtles are hard to find. :) You have to get your creative side in motion!! Here is what we came up with.. I hope you can find use in some of our and other ideas!!

First, when we discovered we would do the theme, I wanted to make some felt board stories to go with the theme. I searched the internet for fingerplays, poems, and stories. Then I began making the turtles!!  Here's what I have:

The last set of turtles were printed up on card stock, We laminated them to use for the magnetic board.

I couldn't find anything out there to make to give to my kiddos for a special treat at open house... so this is what my brain came up with!! It's made with Pear Applesauce from Mott's.(No I don't have any affiliation with the Mott's company, it's the only kind of applesauce I could find green) 

I found a package of 24 green spoons at the Party and Dollar Store. I wanted to keep everything clean for the children to be able to use the spoon to eat the applesauce. It's not very pretty on the underside, because I used clear tape. the legs are made from construction paper. I wrote Turtley Awesome on each one with a sharpie. I have to admit, I really liked how they turned out. It was a little time consuming to make all 24, but, they turned out fantastic!! You could also use the green jello with the pineapple chunks. They only come 4 to the pack where the applesauce had 6 in the pack.

We have a space on our wall that can be pretty bare.  I knew I'd like to put something up but didn't know how in the world I'd do it. Again, I put my thinking cap on, and headed to the nearest Dollar Tree Store. This is what I came up with.  Luckily, they had started putting out Halloween stuff!!  

I used a ninja turtle costume shell and cut the straps off. I found a sparkly green locker mirror for the head. and the legs and tails is a garland ghost spray painted green and cut apart. (The black on the head in the picture of the turtle on the right is a reflection of the black filing cabinet I have in my room) I had to use 4 ghosts, 2 shell costumes, and 2 locker mirrors for 2 turtles!!

in the hallway leading to our class, I used turtles that I had picked up from the Dollar Tree years ago, and laminated them, and the Welcome to Class sign was purchased at the Dollar Tree as well, (I picked them up at the same time) Who knew I'd need them!! (Teacher intuition I guess!) 

I did make the turtles on the sign from scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby. Luckily for me it was the week they had all their scrapbooking paper on sale for half off.  :)

Just outside our door, I hung a basket that I had picked up to hold our clipboard for signing in and made a class list sign using more scrapbook paper turtles. 

We have two bulletin boards inside our classroom.  The small one is welcoming our class and the larger one is just Turtley Awesome!!  I did pick up some adhesive backed bows to add to the turtles for girls, since one set was kind of plain. The turtles were all purchased a while back from the Dollar Tree store. (Thank goodness they had a turtles at one time!! :) 

It's okay to call me silly, but, we like to "dress" the part at Open House.  I have a friend, Jessica,  with a sewing shop, Sew My Darling... In Graniteville SC. She made us shirts for our big day. My mom has been coming to work with us, so we had her one made too. Her's is more wheel chair friendly. 

Front of our shirts were the turtle with our initials and the back has vinyl glitter letters.  Mom's was all done on one side...

Three generations all wearing turtley awesome tee-shirts!! I am the one on the left, my mom in the middle with my daughter on the right. :)

Just before the children arrived we had all of their items in alphabetical order for easy access to meet and greet our new and familiar parents for the new school year. 

The colorful circle shapes are what we give out for the children and parents to decorate as homework. We have a shape each month and the children bring them back to school. We hang these shapes in our classroom all year long, we only swap the shapes out when the children bring in new ones. 

We take much pride in our classroom. We love what we do. We only want the BEST for our children. 

May each of you be richly Blessed!!

Sherry :)