Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Zoo and Fourth of July 2016

I am almost caught up to date with my posts. This post will conclude the first session of our summer fun classes.

This post will be our little Zoo theme and our Fourth of July theme!!

This little giraffe is painted with with dabbers. Both Yellow and Brown.

The stripes on this tiger was made by using a little rubber ball (the kind in the machines)
We put the orange tiger in a plastic shoe box and rolled the ball around the tiger creating stripes,.

This is a little peacock. The poem is an original written by me. 

The next part of this post is our July Fourth Theme: 

A headband hat the children colored with red and blue crayons.

A footprint firecracker!

A poem that has been used before, not an original by me.,

Each child had their picture taken with the big 'ole fourth of July hat!
The handprint flag added flare! We laminated this one for all our parents!!
I use holiday oriented tablecloths for backdrops!!! 

This marks the end of our Summer Classes in June. Our next Session started after July 4th and went through the first week of August!! 

Many Blessings to each of you!!
Sherry :)

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