Sunday, August 7, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

We ended our School Year with Mother's Day Crafts. The remainder of the year, we finished up Spanish Folders and our All About Me Book. Remember, our children come on different days of the week. Some come Monday through Friday, some come two days a week, and some come three days a week. It's not an easy task to have everyone do the same thing, but, somehow it always works out!!
Each child in our classroom was able to make each of the items below. We left nobody out!!

Each Mommy is asked to send in or allow us to take a Mommy and Me picture. Here is what we do with the picture and beside it, is our handprint project. 

This is a handprint inside a heart. Honey that is mentioned here, is this child's Grandmother. Honey picked up her Granddaughter at least twice a week, and we wanted to include her 
with something special for Mother's Day!!  It got laminated before I took the picture!

We ask each child this set of  questions about their Mommy.  
You truly never know what answers may pop up!! 

These footprints are done by taping down the child's traced feet, and painting around the feet,  Pull up the taped feet after the paint dries a little and you come up with your  masterpiece. 

We make a little salt dough charm for the kiddos to give to their Moms.  This poem I wrote.

I hope you all had a wonderful school year.. Melissa and I most certainly did!! It's hard to believe for us, in a few short weeks, it will be time to do it all again. However, before it starts back up, I hope to post our summer stuff. We have a three day program during the summer where we work.

Many Blessings, 
Sherry :)

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