Saturday, August 6, 2016

Transportation April 2016

Almost caught up for the school year. Our last day was in May, and our last theme for the year was Mother's Day.  This post is about our Transportation Week...

The children bingo dabbed the circles in the correct order as a traffic light.

Our boys this year, really liked the Monster Trucks! This little song was adapted from another. Each child was able to pick out the color truck they waned to bingo dab. The truck tires were actually of a crayon rubbing from one of our plastic big tractors that we have in our classroom!!

We made NAME trains!! We used round label stickers that were white and 
colored them black for the smaller wheels. 

Little cars that go Vrooooom!! These were made from semi circle and circle shapes!! 
The poem was found on the internet years ago!!

Rocket ships.. Painted gray, the girls wanted to sparkle! The song was found on the internet and I found the star font!! The black paper and colored stars give this little rocket some pizzazz!! 

I think I am done for the night! I hope to be back tomorrow with Earth Day! May you all be wonderfully Blessed!!!

Sherry :)

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