Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Nursery Rhymes and Summer!!!

The two themes shown here marks the end of our summer classes for 2016. I'm so glad I am all caught up to date with posting and sharing with you all "The Stuff We Do". I hope you can find use of some of the items that I have posted!! I love sharing with each of bits and pieces of our classroom!

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Wands. The wands are straws and the stars were cut from card stock.

The children loved dotting and stickering stars!

This little teapot actually tips!!

This was someone else's idea that I borrowed from Pinterest,.

Each child had their picture taken with their hands up and were put inside Peter's Pumpkin!!

The dish that ran with the spoon!

Hey Diddle Diddle!!!

We didn't get the dog that laughed, but we did find a cow jumping over the moon!!
This was found on www.bing.com!!

Our last theme for the summer was a Summer Theme!! We have a lot of fun in our classroom :)
I love teaching with my daughter and now, my mom has been visiting our classroom. She taught me what I know and I really appreciate her love for children in which she passed to me and I have been able to pass to my daughter. From the looks of things right now, my Granddaughter may be following our footsteps!! :) 

The giant ant on the plate (purchased from the Dollar Tree) is an original idea by me., The ant is sponge painted onto white construction paper then placed on the plate when cut out. 

The song used isn't an original by me. Next year, we may add a picnic basket. :) 

Each child is asked what their favorite food is that is cooked on the grill. These are all colored with crayons and then cut out., 

Each child was asked their favorite ice cream with the three most popular flavors. Most of the girls picked pink!! The cones were colored with crayons.

Summer is complete!! I am all caught up with the blog, and hope to share some pictures with you through Pinterest or just anyone stopping  by. 

I hope each of my teacher friends have a fabulous school year, and my parent friends just browsing through are able to enjoy your children to the fullest,. They really don't stay young long! When you blink your eye, they will be headed off to college and work.

Many Blessings, count each one!!
Sherry :)

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