Monday, August 8, 2016

Father's Day 2016

Our second week was Father's Day....

This is what we did. Each child in the classroom, regardless of their day to come to school made all crafts for their Dads!!

Each child was asked questions about their Daddy! You never know what will come out of the mouths of Babes!!

Footprints are a must!

Copy of the poem up close that we used. 

I even found a foot font!

We let the children pick out the crayons to color their fish and bubbles.

Occasionally, we see a few Grandparents that drop off and pick up kiddos, so we try to include them in our projects too!! 

If you have footprints, you need hands to go with them!!

The poem we  used for the handprints up close.

We took a picture of each child dressed in a hat and tie!

I know this isn't a 'big kid' from our class, but.. it's a way to sneak in a picture of my Grandson to the website and honor his Dad's first Father's Day!!! :)  He had a little help with the dabber markers and didn't exactly want to wear the hat, but, Gramma still thinks he has captured her heart!!! :) 

I hope all Daddy's out there had a fabulous Father's Day!! :) 
Sherry :)

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