Saturday, August 6, 2016

Bugs and Insects

This was the theme for the last of March (I thought in the last post we were done with March, until I checked the calendar!)  and the First of April...

I really am sad that I am so behind again, being a Caretaker, Gramma, and Teacher can be rather demanding.

I would love to learn how to put my patterns on my blog, so they too, can be shared. Maybe one day!!

The bottom, of a little child's shoes make amazing butterfly wings!!  We took a crayon and a piece of paper to make a crayon rubbing of each child's shoes. Then reversed the prints to make some beautiful butterfly wings. 

This is the poem that is used that I wrote a few years back.

Hand print bumble bees. I love the bumblebee font I found for the song.

Toe print caterpillars. This poem I wrote as well. Definitely need to figure out a way to have a nice green spring leaf and a cute little caterpillar so it can be seen better. Any ideas??

Everyone loves Lady Bugs!! Hand prints were done with a large stamp pad and the spots were thumb and fingerprints!! I didn't write this poem, but I did find a ladybug font!! :)

Well, March is now complete for sure, and April has begun. Next is Transportation!!

Many Blessings,
Sherry :)

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