Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Nursery Rhymes and Summer!!!

The two themes shown here marks the end of our summer classes for 2016. I'm so glad I am all caught up to date with posting and sharing with you all "The Stuff We Do". I hope you can find use of some of the items that I have posted!! I love sharing with each of bits and pieces of our classroom!

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Wands. The wands are straws and the stars were cut from card stock.

The children loved dotting and stickering stars!

This little teapot actually tips!!

This was someone else's idea that I borrowed from Pinterest,.

Each child had their picture taken with their hands up and were put inside Peter's Pumpkin!!

The dish that ran with the spoon!

Hey Diddle Diddle!!!

We didn't get the dog that laughed, but we did find a cow jumping over the moon!!
This was found on www.bing.com!!

Our last theme for the summer was a Summer Theme!! We have a lot of fun in our classroom :)
I love teaching with my daughter and now, my mom has been visiting our classroom. She taught me what I know and I really appreciate her love for children in which she passed to me and I have been able to pass to my daughter. From the looks of things right now, my Granddaughter may be following our footsteps!! :) 

The giant ant on the plate (purchased from the Dollar Tree) is an original idea by me., The ant is sponge painted onto white construction paper then placed on the plate when cut out. 

The song used isn't an original by me. Next year, we may add a picnic basket. :) 

Each child is asked what their favorite food is that is cooked on the grill. These are all colored with crayons and then cut out., 

Each child was asked their favorite ice cream with the three most popular flavors. Most of the girls picked pink!! The cones were colored with crayons.

Summer is complete!! I am all caught up with the blog, and hope to share some pictures with you through Pinterest or just anyone stopping  by. 

I hope each of my teacher friends have a fabulous school year, and my parent friends just browsing through are able to enjoy your children to the fullest,. They really don't stay young long! When you blink your eye, they will be headed off to college and work.

Many Blessings, count each one!!
Sherry :)

Ducks and Ocean

Summer Fun Session two began with ducks since our classroom had a farm theme., the second week, we headed under the sea!!

Here are our ducks:

Each child painted with dabbers the correct duck according to the poem.
This is not an original poem of mine.

Close up of poem.

The original post had the duck on a stick to swim, but, we decided to cut the hole in the plate and glue the duck down with the song.  Our children LOVE this song!!

In the past we have used a spatula to make the duck prints, this year, we decided to use handprints! I think I like the handprints much better!! :) 

The next set of crafts are our Ocean ones!!!

Handprint crabs with an original poem written by me! :)

We found Dory!!

I saw this on Pinterest and the original pinner had made this with coffee filters.
The only thing I may change next year, is to have the children paint the entire 6 inch plate gray,

The song is another one that my kiddos absolutely LOVE especially when I am the shark and they are the fish getting snapped out of the sea during circle time!! 

It is official, with one more POST, I will be all caught up and ready for a brand new school year!! Thank you for taking time to look at my posts and giving me the opportunity of sharing the "Stuff We Do"!!

Many Blessings, 
Sherry :)

Zoo and Fourth of July 2016

I am almost caught up to date with my posts. This post will conclude the first session of our summer fun classes.

This post will be our little Zoo theme and our Fourth of July theme!!

This little giraffe is painted with with dabbers. Both Yellow and Brown.

The stripes on this tiger was made by using a little rubber ball (the kind in the machines)
We put the orange tiger in a plastic shoe box and rolled the ball around the tiger creating stripes,.

This is a little peacock. The poem is an original written by me. 

The next part of this post is our July Fourth Theme: 

A headband hat the children colored with red and blue crayons.

A footprint firecracker!

A poem that has been used before, not an original by me.,

Each child had their picture taken with the big 'ole fourth of July hat!
The handprint flag added flare! We laminated this one for all our parents!!
I use holiday oriented tablecloths for backdrops!!! 

This marks the end of our Summer Classes in June. Our next Session started after July 4th and went through the first week of August!! 

Many Blessings to each of you!!
Sherry :)

Monday, August 8, 2016

Father's Day 2016

Our second week was Father's Day....

This is what we did. Each child in the classroom, regardless of their day to come to school made all crafts for their Dads!!

Each child was asked questions about their Daddy! You never know what will come out of the mouths of Babes!!

Footprints are a must!

Copy of the poem up close that we used. 

I even found a foot font!

We let the children pick out the crayons to color their fish and bubbles.

Occasionally, we see a few Grandparents that drop off and pick up kiddos, so we try to include them in our projects too!! 

If you have footprints, you need hands to go with them!!

The poem we  used for the handprints up close.

We took a picture of each child dressed in a hat and tie!

I know this isn't a 'big kid' from our class, but.. it's a way to sneak in a picture of my Grandson to the website and honor his Dad's first Father's Day!!! :)  He had a little help with the dabber markers and didn't exactly want to wear the hat, but, Gramma still thinks he has captured her heart!!! :) 

I hope all Daddy's out there had a fabulous Father's Day!! :) 
Sherry :)

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Summer (June 2016)


Where we work, we have summer classes. They are held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays only, and are in four week sessions.

Below is what we did this summer for our first session of four week classes.

We had a farm theme for our classroom so we began the summer with farm crafts:

The first day we colored the barn red and added farm stickers around the barn.
You never know what to expect the first day of school, so we kept things simple.

The second day we made "Muddy Pigs". The pig was copied on pink paper then brown paint was painted on the pig. We have the children paint or color before we cut it out. 

We had the children color this little cow purple, then we made Purple Cows to taste. One scoop vanilla ice cream in a cup, then a little grape soda on top. Some kiddos devoured it, and some wouldn't touch it, but, it did make for good conversation!! 


Mother's Day 2016

We ended our School Year with Mother's Day Crafts. The remainder of the year, we finished up Spanish Folders and our All About Me Book. Remember, our children come on different days of the week. Some come Monday through Friday, some come two days a week, and some come three days a week. It's not an easy task to have everyone do the same thing, but, somehow it always works out!!
Each child in our classroom was able to make each of the items below. We left nobody out!!

Each Mommy is asked to send in or allow us to take a Mommy and Me picture. Here is what we do with the picture and beside it, is our handprint project. 

This is a handprint inside a heart. Honey that is mentioned here, is this child's Grandmother. Honey picked up her Granddaughter at least twice a week, and we wanted to include her 
with something special for Mother's Day!!  It got laminated before I took the picture!

We ask each child this set of  questions about their Mommy.  
You truly never know what answers may pop up!! 

These footprints are done by taping down the child's traced feet, and painting around the feet,  Pull up the taped feet after the paint dries a little and you come up with your  masterpiece. 

We make a little salt dough charm for the kiddos to give to their Moms.  This poem I wrote.

I hope you all had a wonderful school year.. Melissa and I most certainly did!! It's hard to believe for us, in a few short weeks, it will be time to do it all again. However, before it starts back up, I hope to post our summer stuff. We have a three day program during the summer where we work.

Many Blessings, 
Sherry :)