Sunday, March 6, 2016

Christmas Season 2015

Now, I know we're still in March... but.. I just finished a November Blog.. Now time for Christmas!!

Oh jeepers, I sure wish I wasn't this far behind!!!

We started our Christmas Crafts immediately after Thanksgiving, which means the last week of November is dedicated to Christmas...It does mark the beginning of the Christmas Season! :)

The first thing I'd like to do is introduce you to Buzzle. Buzzle is our "Reindeer on the Shelf" We didn't want to take away from anything used at home, so we decided against using the Elf. Plus, Buzzle was a whole lot less expensive for our classroom! :)

We made enough of these angels to send home with the kiddos and to send to a friend's dad.
The friend asked for cards for her dad, we sent angels to watch over him! :)

We also made a handprint angel.  The girls made a girl angel and the boys made a boy angel.

We decided to make candy canes. We painted the candy canes by rolling around a paint covered rubber ball.

Magic Santa Keys were made. We had the kiddos place Christmas stickers on a large key shape and included the magic key poem.

A cute little Christmas Tree (Handprint) snow globe was squeezed into our list of crafts for Christmas.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas.. We found a cute little poem to go with the handprint Grinch.
The font for the Merry Grinchmas is called Grinch. Each child was presented with a green candy cane to coincide with the poem.

Christmas Ornaments for the School Christmas Tree. This ornament requires a Pringles Potato Chips lid, a photo, and red, green, and white pom poms. We punch a hole in top and tie with ribbon.

Little boxes of love for our Parents.. Each child blew a kiss to be captured inside the boxes. One may never open the box so the kiss won't disappear.

Santas!  These paper plate santas have loads of personality. They were made using a 6 inch paper plate, construction paper for the hat, cotton balls, paint for the face, sticker eyes, and a sharpie for details.  A cute little song was added to the back of the plate.

Buzzle or Rudolph lollipops were made. Children got to choose whether they wanted a brown lollipop to represent Buzzle or a red lollipop to represent Rudolph.

Each child had their footprint painted onto a canvas.  The star is a wooden star that each child were allowed to paint.

Craft stick Nativity. This pattern was found online.

Mrs. Sherry Santa visited our classroom and had her picture taken with each child.

Reindeer Food was made at our party. The Reindeer bags were made prior to the party so all we had to do was drop the food into each bag.

We had the party the day before our last day of school for Christmas Break, so we decided to make Christmas lollipops using miniature candy canes. We made a heart shape from two candy canes and laid a small lollipop stick inside. We then melted white chocolate wafers in a melting pot, filled the hearts with candy and while still soft the children sprinkled the sprinkles on top. (The sprinkles didn't taste too good on the lollipops, but they were pretty!)

We made the lollipops first thing in the morning and were able to squeeze in some spoon snowmen ornaments before the day ended! We also had a mommy to bring in fruit santas for a special lunch treat.

Only three more months to catch up on!! Again, my apologies!
I do hope your Christmas was one of the BEST!
Sherry :)

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