Sunday, March 6, 2016

January 2016

I'm still behind, but, at least I'm actually in this fiscal year!! :)

These are the crafts that we made for the entire month of January!

Our first set of crafts are dedicated to the New Year.

Our second week of crafts were all about Winter

The third week were  of crafts for January were penguins!!  Shoe prints, Handprints, Painted, bingo dabbered, and even a little Spanish!!

We squeezed in a Martin Luther King Project

Last but not least the fourth week of January we had a combined theme of bears and stars!  I forgot to take a picture of our Super Stars, so included one from last year.. Not all our crafts are the same from year to year, there is just that handful that is super duper cute and we just can't resist NOT doing them! Each child, for the wishing star chose their own wishes! Now when asking children questions, you have to be pretty discreet, or you would have a room full of the same thing!!!

This concludes all of our January Crafts!!! I'm slowly but surely catching up!! Oh How I love  my job and I love being able to share our months with each of you! Sometimes, my home life is a bit demanding. This is the month I made several trips to North Carolina, with my mom's health declining. The last trip I made was over the Martin Luther King long weekend. My mom was hospitalized and once released, I brought her home with me to South Carolina and I've been nursing her back to health, while maintaining everything else (except this blog!)

Next month, FEBRUARY!!!

Many Blessings to each of you!!!
Sherry :)

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