Monday, March 7, 2016

February 2016!!

Sooo, I'm almost caught up with the blog!! Thank goodness!!

In this one, you will see The Superbowl 50 crafts, Valentine's Day Crafts, and our Dental Health Crafts!! The last week of the month, we started our Dr. Seuss theme, so I will post that separate then I will be all caught up until the end of this week!! Yay!!! :) I see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Super Bowl 50  The Panthers vs. The Broncos. The children had to pick their team for the week!

Then they each craft there after was geared towards the team they picked! Personally, our household was pulling for the Panthers.. Better luck next year! :)

Valentine's Day Crafts and I totally forgot to take a picture of our Parent Valentine!!

Dental Health - No More Sugar Bugs is an original poem written by me. This was a short week, for we were out of school for President's Day!

This concludes this part of February. I hope you enjoy our crafts and one day use them for yourself or your classroom!!

Many thanks!! Be Blessed!!
Sherry :)

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