Saturday, March 19, 2016


We were in school for five days, however, we had individual and class photos taken on Monday and Tuesday. We decided to enjoy our spring weather and head outside on picture days. They are pretty unpredictable and hard to manage a schedule.

For Wednesday, we used handprints to create this rising sun. We included a few lyrics to the Barney Song, "Mr. Sun"

Thursday, we made our rain cloud and included a fun song the kiddos absolutely LOVE.

Friday, we mixed the sun with the rain and created a rainbow using handprints once again.

This concluded weather week!! :)

May you all be wonderfully BLESSED!
Sherry :)

Monday, March 7, 2016

Dr. Seuss March 2016

Tadaaaaaaaaa!!! I've done it!! I'm all caught up! We just finished our two week Dr. Seuss theme last Friday!! March 4th!!

I truly hope you like these as much as we enjoyed doing them!! :)

Go, Dog, Go!

Put Me in the Zoo

A Wocket in my Pocket

Horton Hears a Who ~ Handprint elephants were placed on a half sheet of construction paper, for their hands are so small it would get lost on a whole sheet.

The Foot Book

 Oh, The Places You Will Go ~ This one has an original poem written by me! :) All 19 children made a hot air balloon.

Dr. Seuss Hats ~ We replaced the word Cat to each child's name.  All 19 children in the class made a hat to wish Dr. Seuss a Happy Birthday. These were made March 2nd & 3rd.

The Lorax

Thing 1 and Thing 2

Green Eggs and Ham. Due to allergies, we couldn't actually make green eggs and ham. We asked each child if they would try them, and if they thought they would like them.

We love our Dr. Seuss theme!!
Thank you for being patient..

God Bless You All!!
Sherry :)

February 2016!!

Sooo, I'm almost caught up with the blog!! Thank goodness!!

In this one, you will see The Superbowl 50 crafts, Valentine's Day Crafts, and our Dental Health Crafts!! The last week of the month, we started our Dr. Seuss theme, so I will post that separate then I will be all caught up until the end of this week!! Yay!!! :) I see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Super Bowl 50  The Panthers vs. The Broncos. The children had to pick their team for the week!

Then they each craft there after was geared towards the team they picked! Personally, our household was pulling for the Panthers.. Better luck next year! :)

Valentine's Day Crafts and I totally forgot to take a picture of our Parent Valentine!!

Dental Health - No More Sugar Bugs is an original poem written by me. This was a short week, for we were out of school for President's Day!

This concludes this part of February. I hope you enjoy our crafts and one day use them for yourself or your classroom!!

Many thanks!! Be Blessed!!
Sherry :)

Sunday, March 6, 2016

January 2016

I'm still behind, but, at least I'm actually in this fiscal year!! :)

These are the crafts that we made for the entire month of January!

Our first set of crafts are dedicated to the New Year.

Our second week of crafts were all about Winter

The third week were  of crafts for January were penguins!!  Shoe prints, Handprints, Painted, bingo dabbered, and even a little Spanish!!

We squeezed in a Martin Luther King Project

Last but not least the fourth week of January we had a combined theme of bears and stars!  I forgot to take a picture of our Super Stars, so included one from last year.. Not all our crafts are the same from year to year, there is just that handful that is super duper cute and we just can't resist NOT doing them! Each child, for the wishing star chose their own wishes! Now when asking children questions, you have to be pretty discreet, or you would have a room full of the same thing!!!

This concludes all of our January Crafts!!! I'm slowly but surely catching up!! Oh How I love  my job and I love being able to share our months with each of you! Sometimes, my home life is a bit demanding. This is the month I made several trips to North Carolina, with my mom's health declining. The last trip I made was over the Martin Luther King long weekend. My mom was hospitalized and once released, I brought her home with me to South Carolina and I've been nursing her back to health, while maintaining everything else (except this blog!)

Next month, FEBRUARY!!!

Many Blessings to each of you!!!
Sherry :)