Thursday, June 25, 2015

Fourth of July!

I know some of you are thinking... What?? Fourth of July? But, it's still June!!

Our school in the summer holds classes 3 days a week, for only four weeks in June, and four weeks in July. However, every single year, we are ALWAYS out of school for the entire week of July 4th!!

This year, July 4th falls on Saturday.. which means, next week, is July 4th week! We are not at school. With a three day work week, it just seems so dog-gone far away, today, Thursday the week before!! :)

We made some pretty awesome things this 3-Day Week...

We made flags. We had the kiddos sponge paint stars (using a star sponge) And we gave them some red stripes to use on a large piece of white construction paper. I forgot to take a picture of the craft the kiddos made, so this one pictured is one my Granddaughter, Lakendra, made.

On Wednesday, we made fireworks. This is a repeated craft in the blog, but, to top things off, we made edible fireworks as well. We told the kiddos they were sparklers and they could eat them. We had the kiddos dip the pretzel rod into whipped vanilla frosting and coat the frosting with sprinkles. This was quite yummy! Something about the taste of something sweet with something salty!! :)

Then, today, we kept things a little simple, so we could get some outside time in, some story time in, and get everybody ready to go home, but, just before going home, we went over to the gym area in our school and watched the Big Kids have their annual fourth of July Parade! Seeing my babies from last year, all grown up being big kids.. was just awesome. But, my babies for the summer, did a phenomenal job listening, sitting, waving their flags and wearing their fourth of July hats they colored all by themselves!!

If you happen to be traveling during the week, please be safe. Count Your Blessings.. Most of all, tell your loved ones that you love them!!

Many Blessings to each of you,
Sherry :)

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Father's Day!

This was an awesome week!!

I have to admit we started on some of our Father's Day Surprises last week to make sure they all got done. Well, I am thinking that's not entirely true! I knew I'd have some kiddos that were taking a vacation and we actually started taking our "Daddy Pictures" the first week of Summer Fun. We finished them up the second week, then I went and developed them over the weekend to have this for this week! So all in all, we have been working on Father's Day Surprises for three weeks!! :) (Now remember, our weeks are ONLY three days long.

Two things, bummed me out... One.. I was soo excited to be "ahead" of the game on Wednesday, and for every person that came to school, we were to send all their Father's Day Surprises Home!! This morning, when I got to school and needed to use the computer, I discovered one of their many surprises had NOT been sent home!!! Oh Noooo! I knew I had kiddos that were not returning to school today.. This really didn't set too well..
The other, which wasn't my fault.. I had two kiddos that were absent from school that were suppose to be there and they didn't come!! My perfect 15 outta 15 kiddos didn't get their surprises for their dads. Even though, I couldn't do anything about the situation, I was truly disappointed! :(

On a good note.. I did remember to take pictures of our surprises!! :) (Even the ones that didn't make it home at the appropriate time!!)

We had the children color fish.. This is the outcome of the fish: All fish were unique in their own special way. I really liked how this turned out!!  This was copied on blue copy paper then backed with dark blue construction paper.

You can't have a Father's Day Surprise without including hand and foot prints!! I found both of these online. The footprint poem was actually a worksheet I found online, I tried to post the link, but, it didn't work, and I honestly can't find the one that does. However, it can easily be retyped to make it work for you. :)

My very very very favorite surprise of all were the ties. I think it's because we dressed the kiddos in some "Daddy" clothes and placed their pictures dab slap in the middle of each bingo dabbed tie!

My daughter, Melissa, had found some River Rocks and with my niece's help, we were able to get enough rocks for each child to paint.

This concluded our Father's Day Surprises.. Next week, we will begin on fourth of July crafts.
For we will be out of school for the week of the fourth and will return back on Tuesday, July 7th!!

May you be wonderfully Blessed!! I know I am!!
Sherry :)

Friday, June 12, 2015

Nursery Rhymes!

Week two of four during our Summer Fun days at school.

This week, we decided to do nursery rhymes. Most of our children have been singing some of the songs anyway out of the blue, so we decided to make a week of them. (Of course our week is only 3 days!)

On Tuesday, we made .. I'm a Little Teapot!  The pattern was found on Pinterest and I enlarged it just a bit. We decided to have the kiddos paint their teapots then we typed up initials for a  monogram look. For the children that didn't have a last name listed on their registration forms, we just placed their names on the teapot.

Wednesday, we made dishes that ran away with the spoon! Hey Diddle Diddle was the name of the Nursery Rhyme. We had the kiddos bingo dab a 6 inch paper plate, we drew on smiles. The plates were glued, the spoons were taped.

Thursday, you can't have a week without the famous Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars. Our intentions were to have these yellow. The kiddos saw the other colors so we caved to their requests. It was their stars and what they wanted! :) We tore up some streamer paper and had the kids scrunch it up. They are still very young, so we placed glue on the star and had the kiddos place the scrunched up paper upon the glue. These were cut out of poster board and I was able to get 13 stars from one poster board. The star pattern was found online. On the back, we placed the song.

Next week, we will have a Father's Day Week. I have to admit, we have so much planned for the week, we have already started on the crafts. We have some hands stamped, and some fish colored, and all the dad pictures taken. I am so siked up about next week!! :)

Many Blessings,
Sherry :)

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Summer Fun ~ Zoo

My last posts were Mother's Day... We were out of school shortly after and worked hard to get all our stuff done for the end of the school year... That was a job this year!! I've mentioned before, we have kiddos that come different days.. some only two days a week.. well, when one or two of those children get sick, then you're down to no days or only a few days a month!! That's rough let me tell ya..  However, we did finish up with everything!! Yay!! Melissa, my daughter and co-worker, really put her best foot forward and together, we were a TEAM. This definitely took TEAM-WORK!!

We have been out of work for some time. (About 2 1/2 weeks, and to me, yep, that's a long time!)

We have now, just finished up week one of our Summer Fun Program. Summer Fun Session One lasts four weeks in June and four weeks in July, only three days a week. Then we are completely out for August. (Boy, let me tell you, that's a long month!!) We start back with a new set of children in September after Labor Day!!

We started out our Summer Fun Session with a Zoo theme. The first day we had the children paint paper plates gray. We traced their shoe prints to make elephant ears then folded a strip of paper accordion style to make the trunk.

The following day, we made a giraffe. We had the kiddos paint the giraffe yellow, and used their fingertips to create the spots on the giraffe. I cut out some free style leaves and glued those down in the top corner of the picture.

Last but not least, a tiger was created. They painted the plain tiger orange. Then we had them take a marker and scribble around on the tiger, creating stripes. We cut them out after they scribbled and glued them on construction paper.

This concluded our Zoo Theme. Next week we will do nursery rhymes and songs.

May you see all the Blessings that surround you!
Sherry :)