Sunday, October 11, 2015

Ooops! I Fell A Little Behind!

Pet Week:

On Friday of Pet Week (October 1) my Mom and Brother came in for a visit. I was enjoying their visit so much, that I forgot to post for Pet Week!!

The children had a blast. Melissa, my daughter and partner brought in her pet turtles! The children have asked several times where the turtles were the following week!

Here's what we did for Pet Week!! :)

Handprint Cats! :)

Bending Dogs with fingerprint spots! :)

Pet Goldfish! Each child named their very own handprint goldfish! Meet Meatloaf!

The children colored birds to go inside their bird cages!!

Last but not least, the kiddos made turtles!!

Melissa brought in her turtle to share with the class the importance of taking care of pets. She even showed the children how to bathe a turtle's shell with a toothbrush! We let the turtles roam around the room. Everyone had a fantastic time with them.

Hope you enjoy your week! Now to post what happened last week at school! Fire Safety!! :)

Many Blessings,
Sherry :)

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