Sunday, October 11, 2015

Fire Safety Week

This last week, we had fire safety week! After this post, I will have caught back up!! :)

Sometimes, things just get a little crazy around here and time escapes me! I have to say,
even though it made me late a week posting, I wouldn't trade a visit with my mom for anything.
If you're reading this.. please keep her in your Prayers. She is facing some surgery time, and I only want the very best for her! My time can definitely be demanding when she is with me, but, I will always do what I can for her, She's my mom!! :)

The first day of our Fire Safety Week, we talked about what to do if your clothes catch on fire.. You don't run around.. you stop, you drop, you cover your eyes, and you roll and roll and roll!! Fire is made by placing pieces of yarn dipped in red, yellow, and orange paint. Lay the yarn on a tee shirt made from construction paper. Then fold the tee-shirt in half creating glob blob flames. We found the little stop drop and roll  song on the giant world wide web!

The second day, we had the kiddos place sticker eyes on a 6 inch paper plate. We had them glue on a red pom pom nose and we drew on a mouth. On the back of the plate, we added a little finger action poem about smoke detectors and reminded our parents to check the batteries in home smoke detectors!

The third day, we painted a pretend fire and added words Don't Hide, Go Outside! Next year, we may cut a fire shape from the painting. (We had a dad think we made a scary pumpkin, and we wouldn't want to portray that during fire safety week/month!)

The fourth day, we started on our Fire Dog Pictures. Fingerprints were used as the spots on the dogs, and every single child in our class made one. This took a couple days to make sure everyone got one. We took the fire truck pictures earlier in the week. The size pictures used are from CVS. If you use their machine, you can make mini prints under collages. You have the opportunity to make either 2 or 4 mini pictures. They do not have to be the same person for the pictures.. I've grown to love this feature, because, it decreases the cost of pictures by sometimes half or more!! I use a prepaid gift card so I don't have to keep up with a bunch of $2.00 - $3.00 receipts!! We did laminate these for safe keeping.

The fifth day, we talked about 911. We talked about how to stay safe and how 911 is ONLY used in an in emergency! Emergency was our big word for the day! The children colored the numbers and glued them down. We added the little song that went with picture.

Next Week (well this week, because it's Sunday already) we will have our Manners Theme.

May you be wonderfully Blessed!!
Sherry :)

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