Sunday, October 25, 2015

Fall Fun Holiday!!

Hello Everyone!!

We decided to do two weeks of Fall Fun Holiday Crafts!

Last week, we had lots of fun with several different things!!

Monday, the kiddos painted a little paper plate pumpkin with a handprint leaf and attached a sweet little Christian Poem.

Tuesday, we had the kiddos paint a piece of candy corn cut from poster board. We placed our hand over parts we wanted the children to paint, we got a little messy, but the end results turned out well! I did not write this, it was found on the internet. I searched Candy Corn Verses.

Wednesday, we had the children bingo dab a pumpkin and color the candy inside to include this sweet little Bible Verse! The picture was found on, I did a search for Halloween candy bowls.

Thursday, we had a lot of fun with some Frankenstein Paper Plates. The original idea was from Pinterest. We made ours just a tad differently.  We are not suppose to have anything scary for our kiddos, I didn't think this was too scary for them, and we did call them silly!! :)  We wanted to do something just silly and fun!! :)

Friday, we used the purple stamp pad to make footprints, the children were allowed to pick their favorite treat.  Then we taped those to the footprints so the children could easily remove the treats and  eat their treat. The treats that were chosen. The second picture is a close up picture that belonged to just one student. The third picture is a close up of the saying we used. No, I promise, it wasn't blurry, it is how the font is made.

Next week, (well this week, now to my late post) we will continue with our Holiday Crafts and prepare for Friday when we have two events in one day.. We will practice our Manners as we scurry along from class to class to collect treats and trinkets in costumes. Then later in the day, we will have a fun lunch party!!

It's truly hard to imagine, October is coming to an end and November is approaching fast!

Many Blessing to you all,
Sherry :)

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