Friday, September 25, 2015

Ohhhh It's Goooood To Be Back!!!

As most of you know.. We were out of school the ENTIRE month of August.. We didn't start school until the Tuesday AFTER Labor Day!

When we first got back in school, we worked on our All About Me Books Part One. (All that stuff you need at the beginning of the school year.. First day pics, weight, height, etc..)

Last week, we finally had a half week theme. Now of course, being out of the loop, I forgot to take a picture of the moose we colored for our Forest Theme.  However, the pattern was found for the moose at the DLTK website. Now the Porcupines we made were sooo stinkin' cute, we made sure each kiddo in the class made one, which took two days! (Plus some of this week to finish them up. They were absolutely adorable and FULL of personality!!! The original idea of the porcupine was found on Pinterest.

A close up of the little original poem used: Our printer at work is out, so I had to use my very own handwriting for this project. :)

This week, Sept. 21 - 25, we had an apple theme for the week. You know, Johnny Appleseed, just can't have a birthday on the 26th, without dedicating the whole week to apples! Not to mention also this week our fall season began! Not real sure about you, but, I think of apples and apple picking for the beginning of Fall!! :)

On Monday,of this week, we had the kiddos paint these apples and I just LOVE how the sticker eyes add personality to a project!! I placed the smile face under wherever they put the eyes. We usually give the children pictures NOT cut out and they tend to cover the entire picture when painting Once dry, we then cut out the pictures. When we paint, we do it first thing in the morning and usually by lunchtime, everything is dried enough to cut out.

For Tuesday, we talked about the inside of the apple and what you see when you take a bite!!
This poem for this project was written by me! I love writing little poems for our projects. Sometimes, our projects have SOOO much personality, including a poem helps to let parents know exactly what the project is!! :) The stem is colored, and may I suggest, the triangular crayons for older 2 year olds and young 3's! They are awesome in helping the kiddos to hold crayons correctly. The bingo dabbers were used as the edge around the apple. The seeds are fingerprints!! These were cut from a posterboard and left to be free standing.

On Wednesday, the kiddos bingo dabbed the three different colors apples. We told the kiddos apples are different like people. All unique and delicious to eat. I didn't write the poem used on this one, it is however, used in our apple themed felt board stories.

For Thursday, we had the kiddos scribble scrabble with crayola markers all over a coffee filter using red, green, and yellow. They bingo dabbed the edge, leaf, and brown. We wet the coffee filter to create a tye-dyed look. To save some time, I used a blow dryer to dry the coffee filters. The filters were glued to the apple edges and glued down on the red construction paper. I did not write this song. Sorry for the blurriness no matter how much I tried, I couldn't get it in focus.

Then today, Friday, we had the kiddos glue down their apples onto a cooking pot headband to remember Johnny Appleseed. I told our kiddos the story about Johnny Appleseed in a way I'd hope they would understand. Almost all of them ended up saying they were going to plant Apple Seeds too, for they wanted to grow more apple trees. (I think they got it!) :)  When measuring the kiddos heads, I used plain white tape on the headbands, I didn't want staples poking heads! :)

Each child in the class, we started on Wednesday to make sure it happened, was able to decorate the Johnny Appleseed Blessing. Handprint apples, a sunshine, rain, and apple seed fingerprints.

With this said, we had a busy, yet fun week!! We hopped from one thing to the next, which included having Chapel and Spanish Classes on Tuesday, and Music Class on Wednesday!!! We were able to get in some outside time and on our rainy days, this week, we were able to run around in the gym or exercise in our classroom to some music. We were also able to introduce some new musical games and sing some new songs. We used the felt board for some of the new stuff, and stuffed animals for some of the others. I know the kiddos are loving school, because they either ask during circle time for some of their favorites!! The smiles and hugs kinda say they are loving school!! We have a couple that still have a little anxiety when Mom leaves, but, quickly recover! :) The absolute BEST advice I can give to a new Mom dropping off their child for the first time or any time.. A QUICK kiss and goodbye and trust your teacher when they say, the children are very happy by the time you get in your car!!! :)  We try really hard, to send Mom a text with a picture showing their child happily playing. (Sometimes, today's technology is AWESOME!) Another good indication that your child is happy at school, is when they don't want to leave!! :)

Next week, we will have a Pet Theme!! :)

I'm truly looking forward to making more posts and crafts with our wonderful children!! :) I love sharing what we do in our classroom! I find great joy, when someone pins my posts on Pinterest, and I would like to thank each of you for taking the time to read and use the "Stuff We Do!" I love being in the classroom, and I love sharing with each of you!! :) One day, I would LOVE to include patterns and share more with you all, I've just got to learn how!! I don't know how to include printables in my blog nor know how to do anything better than share my pictures and explain! :)

May you be wonderfully Blessed!!
Sherry :)

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