Sunday, August 2, 2015

In the Ocean

For our last week of Summer Fun at school, we chose to do an ocean theme!

This has been posted before, just a new picture! :)

What happens when you open a package of purple balloons and blow and tie them up? What about cutting a weird flower shape from a paper plate and paint it purple, especially with purple glitter finger paint? A mess? NOPE, loads and loads of FUN!!! A black sharpie was used to draw on faces.

Fun Purple Octopus!!! 

Did you know that an oyster opens up his little shell and sometimes, if you look hard enough you will find a beautiful pearl. If the fishermen find a bunch of them, they may even take time out of their day, with little pearls in your pocket, and go to the jewelry store to talk to the jeweler and have them make a beautiful necklace for mommy!!! I'm sure some of that story may have been made up just a little, however, the kids LOVED it!!

A small paper plate (6 inch), painted gray on one side and pink on the other, folded in half with a small white pom pom glued to the center creates an oyster from the sea!!

The little poem, is an original by yours truly!! :) 

 Oysters are as special as can be.
When he opens up his shell,
A beautiful pearl, you might see!!
By: Sherry Clarke

We must have been stuck on paper plate crafts this week, because on Thursday, we had the kiddos paint a large paper plate (9 inch) with red paint. We then snipped off the edge and cut out some pinchers. (Claws) The finished project was a cute little CRAB!! We just used strips of construction paper for the accordion style legs and eyes. (The part that sticks up) Sticker eyes placed on top for personality!! 

This little song is not my original, however, I did tweak it a little!! :)
Saw A Crab 
to the tune of "Clementine"
I went a sailing; I went a sailing
I saw a crab! I saw a crab!
Sittin' on the beach I saw a crab,
Lookin' at me! 

I will be back in September with some new stuff and some old. Because there are just some things worth doing year after year!! :) 

Wishing those that are starting back to school a little earlier, a fantastic school year! 

Many Blessings,
Sherry :)

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