Friday, July 24, 2015


For this three day week, we decided to have a little summertime theme.

For Tuesday, we decided to try out an original idea (to my knowledge)!! I cut an oval from a sponge and used one of those round handled sponges and we created an ant. Sponge the circle and two ovals, all touching. We did this on white construction paper. Drew on the antenna and the legs then cut it out. I had purchased some "picnic" plates from the Dollar Tree. We glued the ant on the plate. (Actually, we put glue on the back of the ant and had the children glue it down where they wanted) With the ant being fairly big, we only did one. When it dried, we had the children place sticker eyes. The eyes gave each ant a personality of it's own!! This turned out adorable. (Even if some of my kiddos told their mom they made roaches!) I do need to add, that the package of plates that were purchased had there were 14 in the pack, when actually there were only 12. You may want to try and count the plates if you depend on a certain number. I did go ahead and purchase another package of plates from the Dollar Tree, since this is a seasonal thing to put away for next year. The craft (to my knowledge) is an original idea, but, the song is not.

On Wednesday, we hit the grill. We had the kiddos color their grill and pick out their favorite food that they like when Mommy or Daddy cooks on the grill. Grill and food pictures may be found on

For Thursday, we decided to make watermelon. Not two pieces were alike. We bingo dabbed the edge of the plate, then had the kiddos color in some red, then with black tempera paint, we made fingerprint seeds. I put together a little watermelon poem using a watermelon font and having the kiddos color the words. This poem is original!

Our last week of Summer Fun at school, will be next week. We won't have classes until after Labor Day in September. Next week, we will have an Ocean theme! Then I will lay quiet for a bit.

May you be filled with Blessings!!

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