Thursday, July 16, 2015

Over in the Pond!!

We asked our kiddos what animal lived in a pond. After explaining what a pond was, they decided to go with fish. Well, we decided to step it up a notch and go a little further.

Tuesday, we made a "Rockin' Duck"... Literally, the way this duck was made with a paper plate, it rocked back and forth if it was 'gently' nudged. The kiddos loved it and wanted to make another on Wednesday!! :)  These ducks have so much personality!!

On Wednesday, we made a s-l-o-w poke turtle. The kiddos colored and bingo dabbed this cute little turtle. We did manage to embellish it with a couple cat tails! :)

Now, today, Thursday, we made fun frogs! The kiddos loved painting with sparkly green paint, then once the eyes and mouth was added, they couldn't stop playing with them!!! Our room is definitely 'fly' free. Heck, as much as those little tongues flew out, the city should be free of flies!! :)  They had a BLAST!

Next week, we will have some Summer Fun!! :)

Be Blessed! Sometimes, the smallest of thing, will count as a Blessing.
Enjoy your weekend!!

Sherry :)

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