Saturday, July 11, 2015

Blast Off!!

I know it's been a minute since I posted anything, but... in all reality, we have not been in school!!!

We had the week of the fourth off. (Hope everyone had a fabulous fourth!) With all the firecrackers and bottle rockets, we decided to head into space!! :)

Remember, our week only consists of three days. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I, personally will be glad to get back to school in the Fall for our full five day week!! :)

On Tuesday, we talked about the moon. My mom used to, every time we saw the moon, when I was a little girl recite the poem... I see the moon, the moon sees me. God Bless the moon, God Bless ME!
I thought that was more than appropriate to use for the first day of space week! I picked up some foam star stickers from the Dollar Tree and chose to use them in this craft. This happens to be my Granddaughter's craft, Since she is bigger, she waits until everyone in the classroom is finished with their crafts.. She finished off the package of stars. (I forgot to take my camera to school on this day!)

The second day, we made a rocket ship! We included a little poem on this.. and the children absolutely LOVED participating with this. Their favorite part was counting backwards from 10 and BLASTING OFF!! :) You won't believe it, but, again, I forgot my camera at school, so I am taking a picture of my Granddaughter's craft. The ones the children made had the rocket ship up and down as if it were blasting off, and the poem was on the back. Being 9, she had way more stickers than my little ones. They tend to get a little frustrated when the stars fold up and won't come off their fingers, so they used less sticker stars on their craft work.

The last day of space week, we used a rubber ball and painted our very own planets. This idea came from Pinterest. I used the Oh My God Font (Because inside the letters were planets, stars, and comets) The children named their planets. I love the mind of a two and three year old!! You do have to ask in secret and one at a time, or... all of them would be named the exact same thing!! :) Well, what do you know, I remembered my camera.. Thank goodness for I was able to get all the different names of their planets!! It's funny how pictures are so different... These were all posted on the same color blue construction paper!!! :)  The books we read were awesome. The "Stars! Stars! Stars!" book was a little more for their level. The other book was very informative and made for older kiddos. We picked a few pages from that book and mostly talked about the Earth. The second book, "Solar System" had realistic pictures as well.

Wishing each of you well.. Looking forward to another fun-filled week at school with our babies! The hugs, the smiles, the stories.. oh my, how in the world could you NOT enjoy these things!!??

Sherry :)

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