Sunday, June 7, 2015

Summer Fun ~ Zoo

My last posts were Mother's Day... We were out of school shortly after and worked hard to get all our stuff done for the end of the school year... That was a job this year!! I've mentioned before, we have kiddos that come different days.. some only two days a week.. well, when one or two of those children get sick, then you're down to no days or only a few days a month!! That's rough let me tell ya..  However, we did finish up with everything!! Yay!! Melissa, my daughter and co-worker, really put her best foot forward and together, we were a TEAM. This definitely took TEAM-WORK!!

We have been out of work for some time. (About 2 1/2 weeks, and to me, yep, that's a long time!)

We have now, just finished up week one of our Summer Fun Program. Summer Fun Session One lasts four weeks in June and four weeks in July, only three days a week. Then we are completely out for August. (Boy, let me tell you, that's a long month!!) We start back with a new set of children in September after Labor Day!!

We started out our Summer Fun Session with a Zoo theme. The first day we had the children paint paper plates gray. We traced their shoe prints to make elephant ears then folded a strip of paper accordion style to make the trunk.

The following day, we made a giraffe. We had the kiddos paint the giraffe yellow, and used their fingertips to create the spots on the giraffe. I cut out some free style leaves and glued those down in the top corner of the picture.

Last but not least, a tiger was created. They painted the plain tiger orange. Then we had them take a marker and scribble around on the tiger, creating stripes. We cut them out after they scribbled and glued them on construction paper.

This concluded our Zoo Theme. Next week we will do nursery rhymes and songs.

May you see all the Blessings that surround you!
Sherry :)

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