Friday, June 12, 2015

Nursery Rhymes!

Week two of four during our Summer Fun days at school.

This week, we decided to do nursery rhymes. Most of our children have been singing some of the songs anyway out of the blue, so we decided to make a week of them. (Of course our week is only 3 days!)

On Tuesday, we made .. I'm a Little Teapot!  The pattern was found on Pinterest and I enlarged it just a bit. We decided to have the kiddos paint their teapots then we typed up initials for a  monogram look. For the children that didn't have a last name listed on their registration forms, we just placed their names on the teapot.

Wednesday, we made dishes that ran away with the spoon! Hey Diddle Diddle was the name of the Nursery Rhyme. We had the kiddos bingo dab a 6 inch paper plate, we drew on smiles. The plates were glued, the spoons were taped.

Thursday, you can't have a week without the famous Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars. Our intentions were to have these yellow. The kiddos saw the other colors so we caved to their requests. It was their stars and what they wanted! :) We tore up some streamer paper and had the kids scrunch it up. They are still very young, so we placed glue on the star and had the kiddos place the scrunched up paper upon the glue. These were cut out of poster board and I was able to get 13 stars from one poster board. The star pattern was found online. On the back, we placed the song.

Next week, we will have a Father's Day Week. I have to admit, we have so much planned for the week, we have already started on the crafts. We have some hands stamped, and some fish colored, and all the dad pictures taken. I am so siked up about next week!! :)

Many Blessings,
Sherry :)

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