Thursday, June 25, 2015

Fourth of July!

I know some of you are thinking... What?? Fourth of July? But, it's still June!!

Our school in the summer holds classes 3 days a week, for only four weeks in June, and four weeks in July. However, every single year, we are ALWAYS out of school for the entire week of July 4th!!

This year, July 4th falls on Saturday.. which means, next week, is July 4th week! We are not at school. With a three day work week, it just seems so dog-gone far away, today, Thursday the week before!! :)

We made some pretty awesome things this 3-Day Week...

We made flags. We had the kiddos sponge paint stars (using a star sponge) And we gave them some red stripes to use on a large piece of white construction paper. I forgot to take a picture of the craft the kiddos made, so this one pictured is one my Granddaughter, Lakendra, made.

On Wednesday, we made fireworks. This is a repeated craft in the blog, but, to top things off, we made edible fireworks as well. We told the kiddos they were sparklers and they could eat them. We had the kiddos dip the pretzel rod into whipped vanilla frosting and coat the frosting with sprinkles. This was quite yummy! Something about the taste of something sweet with something salty!! :)

Then, today, we kept things a little simple, so we could get some outside time in, some story time in, and get everybody ready to go home, but, just before going home, we went over to the gym area in our school and watched the Big Kids have their annual fourth of July Parade! Seeing my babies from last year, all grown up being big kids.. was just awesome. But, my babies for the summer, did a phenomenal job listening, sitting, waving their flags and wearing their fourth of July hats they colored all by themselves!!

If you happen to be traveling during the week, please be safe. Count Your Blessings.. Most of all, tell your loved ones that you love them!!

Many Blessings to each of you,
Sherry :)

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