Friday, April 17, 2015


We are finally back at school from our Spring Break!!

I'm actually quite proud of myself, I am on time for my new post!

This week, we talked about Transportation!!  I even had time to write a couple original poems to go with the crafts!!!  All in all, I do believe it was a fantastic week!

We have also started on a project for next week and are trying to get pictures of Mommy's and Kiddos for a Mother's Day Craft! :)  In between all the crafts, stories, playtime, and lunch, we have been practicing for our "Precious Little Chapel Program"!

Monday, we had a small class, so we made Monster Trucks. The wheels were actual rubbings from a toy caterpillar tractor that we have in our room. The children picked whatever color they wanted for their truck, and we thought it would be fun to match the hubcaps to the trucks! ;) The Monster truck song, here, was adapted from another song. This, we have done before.

Tuesday, everyone made stop lights. They bingo dabbed the colors to the light. We talked about and played marching games to the color of the lights.

Wednesday, we had a listening craft. We told each child to color the windows or squares yellow, and the rest of the plane gray. For the most, they all listened quite well. Some even asked if the "big" one in front was a window! This one is the first original poem I wrote for the week.

Thursday, the kiddos painted trains with sparkle paint. This was the second original poem that was written this week.

Friday, we made cars. We let the children color them any way they chose. We had some mighty colorful cars!! This song, we have used before, it was found on the internet, only I don't remember where, Credit is still given to the original person that wrote it. :)

I certainly hope everyone to have a fabulous weekend. I know mine is going to be mighty busy. There is so much going on that I've been invited to, that I can't possibly do it all. Sometimes, I wish my popularity would extend over time and not hit all at once! :)

God Bless You All,
Sherry :)

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