Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter 1 & 2

We are well into Holy Week. Tomorrow is Good Friday. The day Jesus Christ died for our sins to give us a home in Glory Land!

I have a home up there, and couldn't be prouder. Now, I'm far from perfect, but, through Jesus, I am saved and will live in eternity if the Heaven!

I have decided to post all the Easter Crafts at once, instead of making two separate posts.

We have just finished up nine days of Easter.

I hope you can find one thing that you would be interested in.

The first two pictures are Bunny Cottontails. The body is a shoe print, and the face is a hand print (no thumb) The song is the famous Peter Cottontail with the name Peter being exchanged for a kiddo name. One can't forget a "cotton ball" tail!!

Then we have: Jelly Beans!! This was a listening craft, we had four jellybeans on one page and told them to only color one, the colors shown below. Most did an excellent job listening.

The following day, we started out with an egg shape, added the coins to the plastic egg to give it some weight. Cut the poems apart and mixed some pastel paint to end up with

This:  Painted Easter Eggs with an Easter Egg. (The concept is like marble painting) This poem is original written by me, just not this year.

Close up of the poem:

Then we started on our Bunny Bags. This will be used to send home the Easter Eggs after our Easter Egg Hunt. It will be filled with yummy treats inside plastic eggs and maybe a surprise or two. Each child in the classroom will make one of these. We also started taking some Easter Pictures to ensure we get everyone in the classroom!! (Remember, our kiddos come on different days)

On Friday, we made long legged chicks! Hand prints were the wings.

This past Monday, we made an Easter scene using sparkling handprints for the rising sun.

Tuesday, we dyed Easter Eggs and made a special little basket using a styrofoam cup and acrylic paint.

Thought I'd share the pictures that we took of each child.  Yes, that Princess Easter Bunny, is ME!! :)

Wednesday, Scripture Eggs. This is another listening craft. The kiddos were told to color the specific eggs the color mentioned in the egg.

Thursday, Our annual Easter Egg Hunt in our classroom. The weather was awesome. The children colored a bunny .. Another listening craft. All but one of our children have already turned three. We have chosen the listening crafts to get them prepared to move up to the three year old preschool classes.

As time grew closer for our Easter Egg Hunt, the children made some cute little bunny doughnuts. I do recommend using a little frosting to adhere the M&M's, for some of our kiddos pressed theirs in a little hard. The caused the doughnut to break apart. But, let me tell you... every single child in the class ate their doughnut!! :) We didn't have much waste on this one, like you do when you have cupcakes and all they do is lick the icing.

Next week, we are out of school for our Spring Break, however, in our area, we are actually out of school for the Master's Golf Tournament! I'm going to use the break to hopefully get caught up in some things!! Wish me luck!

May you Be Blessed,
Sherry :)

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