Saturday, April 25, 2015

Earth Day Week :)

Earth Day Week... What a title! But, it was true.. All week, we celebrated Earth Day at school!

We had a fabulous week. The kiddos really had a great time learning about litter bugs, neato bugs (which are the opposite of litter bugs!) recycling, and how many things we can do at home to save our Earth.

Monday, they kiddos painted a piece of card stock, with blue and green paint. We cut their handprints from construction paper on the fold so we could capture a heart inside the thumb and index finger. (That wasn't an easy task, I need to reread the instructions on that or watch the tutorial again!! :) (Okay, I admit, I didn't watch a tutorial to begin with and I didn't read any instructions, I did however see a picture of it on Pinterest! So I figured I'd eyeball it.. I will check out instructions or a tutorial next time, it was MUCH harder than I thought!)

Tuesday, we made a handprint heart, by painting both hands green and blue.  The second picture is how our table looks while doing crafts! :)

Wednesday, we had the kiddos paint a world. I forgot to take a picture of the actual craft, so I bingo dabbed this one, for the visual. We sang Happy Earth Day! :)

Thursday, we had the kiddos to color their "Earth" pictures. Earlier in the week and at the end of last week, we started taking "Lorax Mustache" pictures of the kiddos. We secretly (one by one) told the kiddos that The Lorax, wanted to save the trees and asked each of them what they would like to save if they could. Their answers were quite funny! This is one of our favorite crafts! :)

On Friday, we tried to finish up our Lorax pictures. (We didn't succeed, so we will have to totally finish up next week, because we wanted every single kiddo in our class to have one.)  For all that were at school on Friday, we did make some litter bugs to help them remember to not be one. Bugs are made from mini water bottles, birthday streamers (it's easier for them to poke in the bottle) and pipe cleaners. We choose to draw on the faces rather than using wiggle eyes, because we don't want the kiddos to pull them off and get choked. (The ridges in the water bottle make it easier for the pipe cleaners to stay in place.)

Next week, we will begin on Mother's Day surprises and use the week to catch up and try and finish up on some of the beginning of year projects. And enjoy (hopefully, awesome not rainy weather), outside!! It's hard to believe our school year is coming to an end in less than a month!!! There probably won't be any pictures next week, so we don't spoil anything for our Mommies!! :)

Many Blessings,
Sherry :)

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