Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Bugs Bugs Bugs

This particular week, we went a little buggy...

Melissa was sick for two days, and I had a substitute. The weather was awesome, and instead of making a craft, we took well advantage of the wonderful world of outside. 

Now, I appreciate my subs, but, the kiddos tend to show out a little more or get a little picky about things. It was just so much easier to do what was simple and what I thought was best. :)

We started back with our crafts on Wednesday, when Melissa was able to come back to work.

Wednesday, we made Baby Bumblebee Handprints.

Thursday, we made the toe caterpillars.  I did manage to write a new poem to go with our toe print caterpillars. The font used for the poem is redressed.

Friday, we made shoe print butterflies. I didn't this year, but, I also wrote the butterfly poem.  I really like these, because almost all the kiddos have a different print on the bottom of their shoes. (To get the print, we rubbed a crayon over a piece of paper that sat on top of the shoe. A peeled crayon lying on the side, really works well!) 

Next week, we will have a split week between St. Patrick's Day Crafts and Weather! 

God Bless,
Sherry :)

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