Friday, February 27, 2015

Valentine's 2

Yikes, I got behind again!!!

I honestly try to keep up!!

For our second week of Valentines, we made this one on Monday..

For Tuesday, we made: I found the coloring sheet on Pinterest. It was a free download. I think it may be on my board,    We had the children bingo dab the word Valentine to make it pop! :)

We made sure each child had their picture taken and all our parents received a special valentine from our kiddos. For some of the grandparents that we see each day, we included them on this one. :)

We held our party on Thursday, Feb 12th because, we actually have a few more students that attend school on Thursday than Friday. I forgot to take a picture of our Valentine bags, sorry! :(  We didn't really do much a craft on Thursday, because of the party. Each child did get to make a Valentine Bag and by the end of the party, they were slap full of treats and goodies!!

On Friday, we made a little President's Mini Book. There was no school on Monday, for it was President's Day. The kiddos LOVED hearing about President Lincoln and how he was president 100 years before I was born!! (Not quite sure they understood the numbers, but, they were excited about it!! :)

May you all be Blessed and thank you for visiting.
Sherry :)

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