Friday, January 30, 2015

Winter ~ Bears ~ Stars

Looks like I am once again, behind! :) I think it just happens!

On the second week of January, we focused on Winter! We made snowmen, mittens, and hot chocolate!
Now, in the South, the weather is pretty unpredictable, however, this week, it was COLD outside, so it was a perfect theme for the weather.

Now we all know, in Georgia, it can snow, and by noon it's all melted away! This is our melted snowman! :) The children painted globs, then added snowman parts. We had them paint a sunshine. We explained how when the sun comes out, the snow melts away.

Per request from one of my little students, when she discovered that we would talk about winter and snowmen, that she wanted something to do with the movie Frozen. I searched Pinterest, and found an Olaf craft. Thanks Pinterest!! :)

We made these cute little penguins by tracing shoe prints. Adding little penguin embellishments. In Spanish, we learned that Hace Frio means It is Cold!

We also made a Cold Hands Warm Heart picture, but, I forgot my camera for this day, so I have included a picture from last year.

Then on Friday, we made real hot chocolate to taste then took home a paper hot chocolate craft. Some children loved their taste of hot chocolate, some didn't, and some wouldn't even taste it. These are mugs cut from construction paper, they colored the top part and we sprinkled some hot chocolate mix on top then added some "marshmallows" which was cotton balls spread apart.

Since I am behind, I am going to include our third week of January. This was a four day week, for we were out of school on Monday. We asked the children to bring in their favorite bears. Our bears went to Chapel with us and we danced with them, and just had a lot of fun!!

Our first bear craft was just coloring a bear. Time flew away from us on Tuesday, which is our Chapel day, and the weather was just plain awesome, so we quickly made a craft and headed OUTDOORS!

On Wednesday, we were a little short staffed at school. We combined both two year old classes. The weather was sooo gorgeous out, and much much warmer than the week before, we decided to skip a craft and just go outside and enjoy the afternoon. Wednesday is also our Music Class so our morning was tied up with that. We did manage to get some pictures taken for a craft that we were suppose to do on Thursday and Friday, however, yours truly didn't make it to CVS Wednesday night to have pictures developed so that didn't quite turn out as planned. :)  There's ALWAYS a Plan B, right???

Thursday, we made Star Bears!! These had such personality, they were awesome, it also includes an original poem I wrote.

Then on Friday, we finally got to our Super Star Project. We will make sure every student gets one of these, so we will finish up next week during our Super Bowl Week to catch everyone up on a star! :)  I cut a star shape from poster board. We had the children sponge paint stars and then add some star stickers. The children are saying, "SUPERSTAR" as they hold their arms up. Each child was able to pick their favorite color (from the package of sunglasses) and model them for the picture!

What a fabulous week! Even though it was a short one, it really didn't seem like a four day week. We have been Blessed with good weather, with the exception of Friday and it rained.

Take care and count those Blessings!! :)
Sherry :)

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