Friday, January 30, 2015

Super Bowl Week

Finally getting all caught up with my blog! This week, we had a Super Bowl Week. All of our crafts were geared towards either the Seahawks or the Patriots. We showed each child in our class a black and white picture of both teams and had them pick the ones they wanted to win. Some understood, some didn't. Each craft for the week, was done according to their picks!!

I have two awesome websites I use for the helmets and for the logos.

I searched online for free football fonts and was able to find a few. The poems, I wrote to adapt to the
teams playing.

Monday and Tuesday, we were mostly busy with picking teams. I used this sheet to pick the teams then had the kiddos color the paper. Each child colored their picks.

Tuesday, we had about 4 or 5 students that came on Monday, so I made up this sheet for them to make to have something different to take home. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera and used my phone for the picture. It's rather blurred!! We bingo dabbed the picture.

Wednesday, we made footballs. My plan was to include a handprint on these, but, with the Super Bowl XLIX on the football, there was no room for the handprints, soooo, I went to Plan B. :)  Today, was also the day, we caught the rest of the class up on their Super Stars from last week. I used a white paint pen for the seam of the football.

Thursday, we made a posterboard version of the famous "foam finger". Our kiddos loved painting the fingers but most of they really loved marching around the room with their giant finger and chanting, "We're Number One!" We made sure all the children made a Number One Finger by catching everyone up on Friday. Today, we also caught up the last two Super Stars and laminated each of the remaining stars to send home. Whew, it felt good to get all caught up!! :)

Friday, we made use of those handprints that we had cut out, just had to cut an extra. We bingo dabbed the football, colored the logo, and used construction paper hands! :)  I can say, with the construction paper handprints it made this sheet vibrant!!

Was a busy week, but, we're all caught up! Now, I'm all caught up with the blog as well.. Next week, we will start on Valentines! :) What a fun busy time of year.

Many Blessings to each of you,
Sherry :)

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