Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Happy New Year

Well, it looks like I am getting behind even further! I can say, at least it's still January and I'm just now posting our New Year Stuff! Sometimes, I wonder where the time goes in a day, (okay  month!)

For the brand new year, everyone was sooo ready to get back to school. Stories were told of Santa with enthusiasm. Excitement flowed through the classroom as the kiddos told us about their Christmas holidays.
It was a great feeling to be back!

For Monday, we made a cute little homemade calendar. The kiddos colored each picture to represent each month.

On Tuesday, we had fun making Happy New Year Handprints. Stamp or paint handprints, then write the year across the hands. We attach a poem.

On Wednesday, we made rockets! These were done by wrapping loosely a rectangle around a straw. We used the bendable straws, so they would bend to fit mouths so they were easier to blow. The triangle was placed on top of the rectangle. I folded the tip of the rectangle before placing the triangle. The kiddos decorated their rockets before assembling. They had fun with these.

Thursday, we made glitter fireworks with glue!

On Friday, we made another set of handprints to finish off our week. We have students that come different days. Only a handful come every day.  These were traced and cut from construction paper, handprints could be stamped or painted. I found a different little poem to use for this.

I hope you are Blessed with a very Happy New Year!!
Sherry :)

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