Sunday, January 11, 2015

Christmas 2

Well, it looks like I didn't post the second part of our Christmas activities. I am notorious for stuff like this!! :)

Sorry about that!!

Our Parent Gifts this year was a footprint canvas. We had the children paint wooden stars and glued them to the canvas. We used fabric paint so it would last for years to come. The canvas size was an 8X10.

We also made our famous Pringle Lid Ornaments. This was an original idea. The kids place the pom poms around the edge of the Pringle Lid after placing a picture inside. However, we have found that hot glue works best.

The children made Baby Jesus Ornaments, again, this year. We included the Christmas Story that was found online and we turned this into a Bible Craft to go with the Baby Jesus Ornament.

Then we made our famous Magic Santa Keys. This is a key pattern that I made up years ago and the children decorated it with Christmas Stickers. We added the poem. This is so Santa can come in without having to go down a chimney or in case your house may not have one for Santa to go down. This is a simple craft and the kids love it. It's very good for fine motor skills.

Next we made these nifty reindeer food holders. We made the reindeer food at our Christmas Party but, had our holders already done, so we could just pop the food right into the holder to be sent home. This was made by folding a painting a white cheap paper plate. Everything else was construction paper.

Then we had the children make snowman ornaments from a plastic spoon. This is another simple craft. But, it really turns out cute.

I found a Santa Suit fairly inexpensive and dressed as Santa, minus the beard, and took pictures with each child, wrote a poem, laminated the picture, then attached it with the parent gift along with the Pringle Lid Ornament!!

Sorry for the delay in the Christmas Activities, but.. hey.. it happens!! :)

Next, I will share the New Year's Pictures!!
Many Blessings,
Sherry :)

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