Saturday, December 6, 2014


This week we started on some of our Christmas Activities. We are almost complete with our Special Parent Gifts! We're getting there. I will post these after my parents get their gifts! :) Don't wanna spoil the surprise! :)

This week, Buzzle, our "Reindeer on the Shelf", visited our classroom. The children LOVE finding the new place he hides each night after school!! He has definitely grown to be the one of the class favorites!! :) We created the Reindeer on the Shelf, as to not take away from the Elves that are found in most homes. Same concept. :)

Monday, we colored and bingo dabbed some Buzzles!

Tuesday, we had three children that came the day before, so we let them make shape Christmas Trees, while the rest of the class colored and bingo dabbed their Buzzle Picture.

Wednesday, we made, Lollipop Reindeer. The children chose whether they wanted a Brown Nosed Buzzle or a Red Nose Rudolph! I couldn't find the mini tootsie pops this year with red and brown wrappers so we improvised using dum dum lollipops and a circle label sticker. The lollipop was taped to the back of the reindeer. The reindeer pattern was found on bing.

Thursday, we made Christmas Tree Snowglobes. This one has an original poem I created for the craft!! These were so cute, we  laminated them. We also let the children that weren't at school on Wednesday, make their lollipop reindeer. We wanted to make sure everyone was able to get a treat! The poem says, "In the globe sits a little tree. This tree is special as you can see. It has a star and hand by me. My fingerprints surround this special tree."

Friday, we marble painted candy canes. We then attached the candy cane legend to the ornament. The kiddos loved watching themselves create stripes on the candy cane with the marble.

We are pretty excited in what's to come. It's sad that we're finishing up the 2014 part of our school year!!

I hope you are wonderfully Blessed!!
Please let's try to teach our children the true meaning of Christmas. I'm not asking you to forget the fun that comes with Christmas.. just to remember what it's all about!!

Many Blessings,
Sherry :)

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