Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!!

This week was only a two day week at school. We continued with Turkey activities. We sang, we danced, we made many turkeys with loads of personality!! :)

We've had a fantastic two days!! We asked our kiddos, "What is your favorite thing to eat?" ...
Picture 1: Eat Chips, Apples, and Cheerios and Oatmeal.  Picture 2: Pizza, Sandwiches, and Grapes.
Picture 3: Cupcakes, Chicken Nuggets, and Cupcakes. (I think our turkey here, favors and Eagle! Maybe we need to shrink this down a little so we can add longer legs! or Maybe a different color for the head!)

From our class to each of you... May you have a fabulous Thanksgiving!!

Much love and many Blessings!!
Sherry :)

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