Saturday, November 8, 2014

Happy Fall, Ya'll! :)

This week at school, we had fall crafts.

We talked about how the leaves change colors and fall from the trees. We have started on our Thanksgiving Felt board activities and song, along with the squirrel and leaf stories and games. The felt board story was made by me, at a felt board workshop. The song is to "Mary Wore a Red Dress." Turkey has a black feather, black feather, turkey has a black feather in his tail. I have 11 colors, then once I put the feathers on, the children also tell me the color in Spanish! I do the basic 8 colors adding white, pink, and gray.

On Monday, the kiddos colored a squirrel and Melissa and I cut out, from construction paper, and the kiddos glue the leaves to the tail of the squirrel. I love giving the children the sticker eyes to place anywhere on the squirrel. I truly love the personality that is captured!

Tuesday, I had cut some large leaf shapes from construction paper, taped it to the middle of a white piece of construction paper, and had the kiddos paint the edge of the leaf with fall colors. For the middle of the leaf we printed up "Happy Fall Y'all!".

Wednesday, we had a day of acorns! We painted an acorn, which included the acorn song. Then to take home, we made edible acorns! We used milk chocolate chips, mini nutter butter cookies, candy kisses and whipped milk chocolate frosting. If you have someone with peanut allergies, you can switch the nutter butters for mini vanilla wafers.

Thursday, The kiddos painted the back of a "cheapie" white paper plate - unwaxed, brown. Adding construction paper features, the plate tuned into an owl. Each had their own personality, which made the craft more adorable.

Friday, our classroom computer was down, so I didn't have access to type up anything new, or to find a saved file. I found a leaf song that was in a notebook of collected songs, wrote the song on top of construction paper, and had the kiddos glue foam leaves around the bottom of the paper.

Next week, we will head down to the farm!!

I hope you are Blessed with an awesome week. I hope you, if you are a teacher, enjoys your job as much as I do.

Sherry :)

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