Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!!

This week was only a two day week at school. We continued with Turkey activities. We sang, we danced, we made many turkeys with loads of personality!! :)

We've had a fantastic two days!! We asked our kiddos, "What is your favorite thing to eat?" ...
Picture 1: Eat Chips, Apples, and Cheerios and Oatmeal.  Picture 2: Pizza, Sandwiches, and Grapes.
Picture 3: Cupcakes, Chicken Nuggets, and Cupcakes. (I think our turkey here, favors and Eagle! Maybe we need to shrink this down a little so we can add longer legs! or Maybe a different color for the head!)

From our class to each of you... May you have a fabulous Thanksgiving!!

Much love and many Blessings!!
Sherry :)

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Almost Turkey Week!

We began our Turkey Crafts this past week. This week, because, it is not Sunday. We have two days left of school. Then we're off for Thanksgiving Break!

It certainly doesn't seem like it is holiday time! It seems like the school year, just began! I think this year is approaching the end of it, way too fast!!

On Monday, we just bingo dabbed a cornucopia. We covered the places that we didn't want the children to dab, trying to keep the colors in perspective.

Tuesday, be made some turkey headbands! These turned out pretty cute!!

Wednesday, we made Indian Corn. We painted the colors mentioned in the poem, onto bubble wrap and created the corn. The kiddos loved doing this, it was different from what they are used to!

Thursday, we set out to make another turkey! But this time, it was just a fingerprint one! We took everyone's picture, and printed up the saying. We added the fingerprint to the bottom of the picture. We laminated these and gave them to our Parents and some Grandparents that we see on a daily basis! :)

Friday, we made popcorn and colored goldfish turkeys from a vinyl glove!! We attached our "Hello Mr. Turkey" Song to each turkey glove. This idea was a Pinterest Find.. http://www.thatswhatchesaid.net/2013/turkey-thanksgiving-snack-bags/

The children loved making and wearing their turkeys, they love singing the turkey songs and dancing to turkey and Thanksgiving songs!  Two more days of Thanksgiving crafts and after our break, we begin our Christmas Activities!

Many Blessings to each of you!
Happy Thanksgiving!!
Sherry :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Down on the Farm

So this past week, we  headed to the farm! Not literally! But it seemed like it!  Our work computer went out on us, so some of our crafts, I just hand wrote what I wanted or needed to say! :) Only took a few extra minutes!! :)

We also made some Army Guys for Veteran's Day!

You know, every month of so, we forget to take a picture of one of our crafts! Well, I reckon it was about that time once again! For Monday, we made a Rooster! Granted it was just a picture that was bingo dabbed and cut out and pasted to a piece of construction paper, but, it was the first craft of the week!
We also started on Army Guys. In our class, we have kiddos that do not come everyday. They can pick and choose their days, we wanted to catch everyone for the Army Guy Craft, and we wanted to make sure they went home on Veteran's Day or before. I'm thinking with the hype of the Army Guy, we overlooked our poor little rooster!!  The initial pattern was seen on Pinterest. The song came from online as well.

For Tuesday, we finished up the Army Guys and we made Piggy Toes!!

Wednesday, we began totally concentrating on Farm Crafts and made a handprint sheep. Some things I like about teaching where I teach, are hugs, smiles, kisses, and we are allowed to teach the children about God and what the Bible says. We explained to each kiddo that God watches over us like a shepherd would sheep.

Thursday, we had the kiddos to color a farmer, a woman for the girls and a man for the boys. They were also able to choose what kind of animals they wanted on their farm. They bingo dabbed or painted their animal after choosing. We certainly had some VERY colorful farmers! Of course, we had some traditional farms animals ...

and some NOT so traditional farm animals!! :) Usually there are cats on a farm, but, ELEPHANTS???  :)

Friday, we finished the week with PURPLE COWS! Not only did we paint and color a purple cow, but, we also made one to eat. This consisted of Vanilla Ice Cream, Store brand Grape Soda, and plastic punch cups and a spoon! The kiddos LOVED it, except one, and he wouldn't even taste it!

It's hard to believe the Holidays are upon us! It sure seems they got here pretty fast! Next week, we start on our Thanksgiving Crafts!! (Actually, since it's almost Wednesday, we have already started on them!)

Have a fully Blessed week!
Sherry :)

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Happy Fall, Ya'll! :)

This week at school, we had fall crafts.

We talked about how the leaves change colors and fall from the trees. We have started on our Thanksgiving Felt board activities and song, along with the squirrel and leaf stories and games. The felt board story was made by me, at a felt board workshop. The song is to "Mary Wore a Red Dress." Turkey has a black feather, black feather, turkey has a black feather in his tail. I have 11 colors, then once I put the feathers on, the children also tell me the color in Spanish! I do the basic 8 colors adding white, pink, and gray.

On Monday, the kiddos colored a squirrel and Melissa and I cut out, from construction paper, and the kiddos glue the leaves to the tail of the squirrel. I love giving the children the sticker eyes to place anywhere on the squirrel. I truly love the personality that is captured!

Tuesday, I had cut some large leaf shapes from construction paper, taped it to the middle of a white piece of construction paper, and had the kiddos paint the edge of the leaf with fall colors. For the middle of the leaf we printed up "Happy Fall Y'all!".

Wednesday, we had a day of acorns! We painted an acorn, which included the acorn song. Then to take home, we made edible acorns! We used milk chocolate chips, mini nutter butter cookies, candy kisses and whipped milk chocolate frosting. If you have someone with peanut allergies, you can switch the nutter butters for mini vanilla wafers.

Thursday, The kiddos painted the back of a "cheapie" white paper plate - unwaxed, brown. Adding construction paper features, the plate tuned into an owl. Each had their own personality, which made the craft more adorable.

Friday, our classroom computer was down, so I didn't have access to type up anything new, or to find a saved file. I found a leaf song that was in a notebook of collected songs, wrote the song on top of construction paper, and had the kiddos glue foam leaves around the bottom of the paper.

Next week, we will head down to the farm!!

I hope you are Blessed with an awesome week. I hope you, if you are a teacher, enjoys your job as much as I do.

Sherry :)

Saturday, November 1, 2014


We had two weeks of Halloween fun!

Last weekend was terribly busy for us, so I just waited to post this weekend our two weeks of fabulous crafts!!

I will start off saying the Candy Magnetic board activity was our kiddos favorite. I found the idea on Pinterest of course, and tweaked it a little for our classroom. The kiddos would actually ask if we could do it, almost daily!! The patterns were all found on Bing.com. Search candy clipart (I usually search for black and white) I then colored the candy pieces with markers. These are laminated. I had to use super glue to keep the magnet on.

We made a variety of different crafts. On the two Mondays, we made a skeleton hand, and a spooky hand. We also started on our Scarecrow treat bags. The skeleton hand, we painted the arm and hand of each child in the classroom and had them glue down Q-Tips to create the "skeleton" we added inserts of the Bubble Guppy Song. The Spooky Hand was candy corn and popcorn inside a non-latex glove. Tied shut with a ghost name tag, and a cute little spider ring for an added touch.

For the two Tuesdays, we made Jack-O-Lanterns and treat bags. The kiddos painted paper plates orange, we painted their hands green to use for a pumpkin leaf, then had the children add the embellishments to look like a Jack-O-Lantern. We talked about the importance of being nice to our friends, and added the saying to the back. We used a brown gift bag purchased a Wal-Mart, added a brown lunch bag inside after shredding the top for scarecrow "straw". Folded the "straw" down, and had children pick out their favorite colored hats. They, then added the eyes and nose to their scarecrow. We drew on the mouth.

On the two Wednesdays, we made Candy Corn Footprints and we had the children bingo dab our "Shine with the Light of Jesus" Jack-O-Lanterns. (The font used for the candy corn footprint is called: Reliant Shadow.  We had the children finish up their Scarecrow bags. Wednesday is our Music Day, so we had to keep things a little simple to get in all we needed to finish up with.

The first Thursday, we made coffee filter bats.  We had the children color their bats, with crayons. Then we had them to color with purple and black markers, the coffee filters. We then sprayed the coffee filter with water, creating the tye-dyed look. The children added the sparkle star stickers and we added the bat song. The second Thursday, Oct 30th, was Party Day! We spent the majority of the day OUTSIDE! :) We are Blessed with AWESOME Parents. They provided the class with a Pizza Party! We had fresh fruit, chips, pizza, and lots of TREATS! We had so many treats, we were able to save some for the following day!! :)

On the two Fridays, we made Spider Handprints in a web and Monster Mash Frankenstein Footprints!

All in all, we had an AWESOME two weeks!! :) Next week, we will begin some Fall Activities!

Many Blessings to each of you!!
Sherry :)