Saturday, October 18, 2014

Minding Our P's and Q's!

This week was all about MANNERS!

We talk about inside voices everyday! But, this week, we went a little further.

Monday, we made two crafts. We talked a little about Christopher Columbus and how he rode on a big ship and looked through his telescope to find land. We began our Manners week with NOT chewing food with your mouth open! I cut food from a sales paper. :) We sang a song about Mealtime Manners! Ship patterns may be found at:

For Tuesday, we talked about interrupting people while they are talking isn't a nice thing to do. We told the kiddos they should be quiet as a little mouse, when someone is talking and how important it is for them to listen carefully what people might have to say. They painted this little mouse, that was found in a clip art book, and blown up just a little. Then we added the "Listen" Poem.

Wednesday, we were busy with our Please and Thank You's! We had the kiddos color the Please and Thank You, then we sang the please and thank you song. The font used for this is called LD Rounded.

On Thursday, we painted the kiddos hands, and turned the hand print into a bumblebee. We talked about how we should be kind, be polite, and be a good friend. The font here is clipz busybee.

For Friday, we made a little pumpkin patch. All the pumpkins in the pumpkin patch were nice and friendly to each other and used awesome manners. The pumpkins were created by painted the kiddos palms. The fonts used here are called: Ain't Nothing Fancy and LD Pumpkin

It's not easy finding crafts using manners. Some of these we had to create! For the next two weeks, we will have our Halloween Crafts!

Be Blessed until next time,
Sherry :)

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