Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fire Safety Week!!

This week we had our annual Fire Safety Week! We even managed to do a few extra crafts!!

Monday: We made a Firetruck from shapes, circles, rectangles, and squares! We added Barney's Hurry Hurry Drive the Firetruck Song.

Tuesday: We made the Stop, Drop, Cover, and Roll T-Shirts. We dip yarn in red, orange, and yellow paint, then fold the shirt in half on top of the yarn to  make symmetrical fire prints. Then have the kiddos color the words. We did this one a little different than before. We also practice stopping, dropping, and covering our eyes while we roll.

Wednesday: This day, we did two crafts. We made fire with our hands by smearing red, orange, and yellow paint on to a piece of card stock, for durability. Added the words: Don't Hide Go Outside! Just before lunch, so we could enjoy them immediately after lunch, we made firetruck cookies. We used Graham Crackers for the base, covered with whipped vanilla frosting dyed red, Pretzels were added for the ladder and window. Vanilla Wafers were used for the wheels and I found some Black Forest Gummies that were Berry Flavored and we used that as the light.

Thursday: We made a Dalmatian Picture Holder and placed each child's picture as a firefighter under the dog. The spots were the children's fingerprints. The ears were shoes that were traced. One of our mom's graciously provided each child with a fire hat! We have an awesome class and are so Blessed with AWESOME parents!!

Friday: We made two crafts again today. We had nine children, so we had two simple crafts and still managed to get outside twice! :) We made the 911, by having the children scrunch up some red, orange and yellow streamer paper and place on the numbers. We made our own smoke detector by using a 6 inch paper plate and adding eyes and a nose. I found a smoke detector finger play years ago on the world wide web, and attached that to the back of the plate with a message to parents to change and/or check batteries in their home smoke detectors!

Next week we will have our Manners Theme!
May you be Blessed with a TERRIFIC Week! :)

Sherry :)

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