Saturday, September 13, 2014

Western Theme!

This past week, at school, we had a Western Theme.

We made our very own bandannas with fabric paint and men's handkerchiefs.

We also made armadillo arm bands from an armadillo pattern and a toilet paper roll!

The kiddos painted a with bingo markers a boot pattern found on On the back, we hot glued wooden clothespins and a button magnet to hold art work made for the year.  Each chld in the class was able to make one of these.

I played around with some fonts and typed up this "Wanted" Poster for the children. We took a picture of each child wearing a cowboy hat. Our children are scheduled to come to school on different days, and this is a craft that the kiddos really didn't participate in (except for having their picture taken) This was mainly for the parents from us. It took us a couple days to make the boots, so the children still were able to take home a craft they made.

On the last day of the week, we had the children to create a cowboy scene using a stamps and stamp pad.

Everyone is adjusting to our new school year. The crying is getting less and less, during drop off. Everyone has realized school is a lot of fun.

I truly hope, if you are a teacher, whether in home, at a Church, or in the public, that you are as Blessed as we are to have such amazing parents and are able to have the full support that you can count on for your class!!

Until next week,
Sherry :)

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