Saturday, September 6, 2014

Back To School!!!

We're finally back to school!!

It felt awesome to be back  in the classroom. We have some awesome kids this year.

So far, the most requested (from the kiddos) in our classroom is the Little Old Lady That Swallowed the Fly "trashcan" story. Our version of the story, the lady cries instead of dies. They love the shape eater, and the other special (felt board) stories, as well, but the lady is the most requested! There are plastic pieces inside the little old lady. There is a rubbery plastic fly, spider, a styrofoam bird, a little pet shop cat and dog, a hard plastic goat, a cow, and of course the horse! As I tell the story, I place each animal in the swinging trashcan lid (her mouth). All little old lady items were purchased at the Dollar Tree, except for the Little Pet Shop items and they were purchased at Dollar General and Roses.

This week (our first week back) we started on the September parts of our All About Me books! We also managed to squeeze in a few other crafts too. We started on Tuesday, with Monday being a holiday.

The first day of school, we made hand prints to hang on the wall.. We had 12 first day of school pictures to capture as well.

The second day, we had the kiddos decorate their own backpacks with a little song that we attached. We had about 1 kiddo came to school this day for the first time, and we caught them up on their first day of school craft, as well. We also took a first day of school picture.

The third day of school we made 25 Grandparent Day Surprises. (2 per child, except 1 and they only needed 1) We had two kiddos whose first day of school was this day, and we caught them up on their first day of school craft along with their first day of school picture.

The fourth day of school, we made the Crayon Box that talked craft and caught 2 people up on their Grandparent's Day Surprises.

We definitely had an awesome first week of school and are truly looking forward to the rest of the school year! :)

Next week, we will begin our Western Crafts! :) We also have a few kiddos that need to catch up on their All About Me Books! :)

Many Blessings until next week (hopefully)
Sherry :)

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