Friday, August 29, 2014

Shape Eater!

I feel all caught up with the blog, can't believe it got so far behind!! I think my Granddaughters have gotten a little older and their demands are a little higher, or I'm getting older, and I'm finding it hard to keep up with all that I have in the past! Hmm.. Not sure which it is! Maybe a little of both! :)

We certainly have an interested title for this post!  Let me explain!! When I FIRST joined Pinterest, I saw the cutest thing.. there are some things on Pinterest, you like, you love, and then there are some that absolutely just scream your name and you have to drop everything and you just have to have it!! I'm sure if any of you are on Pinterest, then you can relate!! I saw the cutest craft story teller. It was made from a small swing lid trashcan! My search was on for a small swing lid trashcan that didn't cost a lot! Glory behold, I had met my Mom half way between our houses (about 2 hours away from home) for lunch. We do that quite often so we can see one another more. :) I walked into the Dollar Tree in Camden, South Carolina. (Simply because you can't go into another town and see a Dollar Tree store and NOT go in!) You would have thought I hit the lottery! I was sooo excited to see they had just what I had been looking for!!  In the meantime, I had been purchasing a little plastic fly, spider, bird, cat, dog, goat, cow, and a horse. Then the transformation began, I turned that swing lid trashcan into a Sweet Little Old Lady!! Now granted, my little lady didn't quite look like the one on Pinterest! But, that was okay!! It wasn't a flop nor a fail, (like some of my Pinterest tries) It was PERFECT for just what I needed and wanted. I still gleam with pride each time I use it and each time my class of 2 and 3 year olds ask for it.

My granddaughter and I were just brainstorming a bit, and we decided to purchase another small swing lid trashcan and make a  "Shape Eater"! We thought it would be more interesting to learn shapes if we did it with a game. Went to the Dollar Tree close to work, I picked up colored wiggle eyes, pompoms, even the craft foam that was used for the shapes, and searched and searched for the trashcan. What a let down! I couldn't find one! But, I was mighty determined!! Pushing for time, because, this was also the day I had afternoon commitments, I dropped in the Dollar Tree close to our house! To my excitement, I saw three of em!! They were on the very tip top shelf and I went and got a sponge mop and scooped them off the shelf. (I honestly didn't have enough time to wait for an employee, explain what I wanted/needed, have them get a ladder, and get them down for me. I did it the easy way!! :)  Trashcans in hand, I searched the toy aisle for a hat for my shape man. I found one little army hat! I tried it on the trashcan and IT FIT! I knew I had made the right decision to pop in! I paid for the trash cans and hat, out the door I went.

My brain wouldn't stop, I wanted to start on this so desired project. I was thinking of my class for the fall, future classes, how I couldn't wait to begin and FINISH this project. After the evening commitments it was rather late, so I made myself wait until morning to begin my project. (I really didn't want to wait, but, I had found the PERFECT shape chart online and had it printed, but, I knew the shapes were too small. I had to get to a copy machine to enlarge the fabulous shapes I had found!!

My daughter, Melissa, and I work together in the same classroom! We arrived at school a little early for a pre-planning teacher meeting. I had just enough time to enlarge the shapes!! I was accomplishing my goal of starting this project!! We had already, pretty much gotten our classroom in order, so after our meeting, Melissa did some busy work for the class and I began cutting shapes!! Whoo hooo!! She continued to do busy work, and I didn't stop until I was done!! First I made the Army Guy! He was, to me, PERFECT! We have a little cowboy theme going on in our room this year, so I thought it would be awesome to make a Cowboy Shape Eater! I found an old dusty cowboy hat in a closet at work, cleaned it up, tried it on the trashcan, and IT FIT!!  I didn't have to go  back to the Dollar Tree to find a cowboy hat!! (With Halloween approaching you can find a good many hats that fit the trashcan) I decided to share my army guy with the class next door. (Another 2 year old class, they are just a bit younger than our class and they turn 3 closer to the end of the school year other than the beginning, like ours) I had been feeling quite accomplished and mighty PROUD!

Enough talking, it's time to INTRODUCE... Drum Roll... The music played at the beginning of a rock concert just before the main attraction.... Tadaaaaaaaaa!! My Shape Eaters!!! Here are the twins just before going their separate ways!

                                           Aren't they cute?? I can't wait to try them out!! :)

This is what I started with:

My shapes all enlarged and cut out.

This is the original (yes I made that up) poem to use with the shape eater guy..

The boys before as they were separated.

I will have to let you know later, how my classroom kiddos like him. School officially starts next week! I hope they are as excited as I am!! :)

Many Blessings to you all and thank you for taking a look at this brainstorm we had!

Until next time,
Sherry :)

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